Warrior Cats Online

by Fire_Laena
Create your own cat and Clan in this online adventure game as well as RPing.
Based off of Erin Hunter's books: Warriors.

From the creators of the SSS Warriorcats video on youtube, here is our online game; Warrior cats online.

On this game you start off creating your own cat. You will start off as a Kit and as you get older /explore you will turn into an apprentice. Decide if you're ClanBorn or a rogue / Kittypet!

Every Clan has their territory.

Find out about boundaries and borders and learn what it is like to be a Warrior cat!

Game still in process. Should be up in a few months. See you there!
Any idea when this should be open? I love the Warriors series and I have been looking for a Warriors game on BYOND for a month or 2 now and I can't wait to play. Hope it opens soon.

Hello Leafstar, I'm planning to open this within a month! c:
Ohh~ I can't wait for this to be up and running~
Oh nice. Cant wait. xD
That's great to hear! Can't wait for the grand opening!
Well, this project has been delayed a bit but I'm still planning on finishing it. Keep in mind I'm the only one coding this, and theres still quite a bit to do. Whoops.
How long can you estimate the time it will take to finish?