by AZA
The updated MedalLib library. It's a simple plug'n'play library and should plug straight into your game. Added functionality to change the font and size of the award button should be added soon.

The BYOND update system is broken. Delete the old lib and re-download.
To do this, simply follow the steps below:
> Navigate dir: My Documents
> Navigate dir : BYOND
> Navigate dir: lib
> Navigate dir: aza
> Delete dir: 'MedalLib'
> Download MedalLib again.
This library is a really simple plug'n'play library that you should just be able to 'include' in your game and make work without a single line of code.
If your game supports the BYOND Medals system, then this library will allow you to have a graphical effect and sound played to your players as they achieve a medal.

Currently, the library displays the effect only to the person who got the medal, a single sound file, with a single font.

Future features will include:
- Different Effects to Choose From
- A choice of different fonts and font sizes
- A choice of different sound effects
- Instructions on how to customise these features yourself!

This library also includes a very limited version of a new library coming out soon called AZA.MapTextLib, which will allow you to display text onto the map and screen.
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