by Mechanos7
A turn-based multi-player strategy war game

Riverside is a turn based multi-player war game, in which you must use strategy and your army of 15 units to defeat your enemy's army. Your army includes Mages, Knights, Archers, A scout or ninja, Ents or rock beasts, and a Dragoon, which all have different stats and so new strategies arise.

Help file in-game, please check it out before joining a round!


-Monday May 17th 2010-

Huge update; so much it jumped almost two versions, check out the changelog to see all of the huge updates that V.5.5 has in store!


V5.5(Monday May 17th 2010)-

- Two new units added - Ents/rock golems, and scouts/ninjas, both team specific
- SCORES! Theres now a ranking!
- Help file entirely reworked with an awesome new table for units.
- All stats reworked, but still quite similar
- Interface remade and cleaned up
- Map made two tiles taller
- All unit icons edited, all of them are holding their weapons now, and blue dragoons have dragon frills.
- Active player cursor recoloured slightly
- Unit swap removed
- All known bugs fixed
- When you have no useable units but have actions left, the game will end your turn for you.
- Some code reworks to make the game better
- Login message added

Sounds, icons, code, map and interface all owned and made by Mechanos7.
Thanks to Mechana2412 for coding help with V5.5.

It's fun, relaxing, but can easily get extremely tense!

Sorry about the lack of updates!
I've been busy with other projects, including a small Doctor who RTS, which I've been working out the attack system and map for.
Also, I can't work on games during the weekend so yeah.
V5.5 finished!
Should have next to no bugs, and should work very well! Took a while to get done with all the changes