Night of the Vampire

by DrKellar
Night of the Vampire
Comming Winter Never
Hello Fans,

As much as I love the byond community. I have started making games that will come out soon from Totally Awesome Games Inc. You can see our current project at we are raising money to fund it. If you have questions feel free to add me to your pager i will try to answer them. Or you can send a direct message to the creators on Kickstarter.
Hey guys working on codes...

List to be done soon:
Mob code
Bite code
Food code
Death code (yes you can die and have to start over with a whole new character)
Time code (hope you find a safe location before the sun comes up.)

Will keep you upto date as the codes get added.
Okay almost done with my day to day work for SGO and will be back to this. Sorry it has taken so long to get this going.
It is now on full on 'getting it done' mode. For updates see the forum Dev Log.
It has been a long time but we will not be producing this game i could not get coders and artist to agree on things so i pulled the game. Maybe one day we will come back to it. If you want to let me know what you thought of the idea let me know here. Love ya Byonders!!