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This library gives you the basic movement system of a platformer. You can make an action/platform game in minutes!
So, i want to use Naruto characters to make the controlled mob, but i can only use icons of 32 x 32 and my icon is arround 32 x 57, and i dont know how to change it...
You may want to increase the world.icon_size to 64 in this case, this will give you a larger mob by default and you can shrink the bounding box down with pwidth and pheight afterward. You will have to adjust client.view and all your icons as well though.

Another way is to just increase the bounding box with pwidth and pheight, but then you'll run into collision issue.

Personal opinion: increase world.icon_size to 64, it takes more work, but the result is less buggy and better looking.
There shouldn't be collision issues with larger mobs. There could be problems if world.icon_size is 32 and you've got a 4000x4000 mob, but a 32x57 mob should work fine.
Hang on, he might mean in the icon editor.

Make a new icon then copy and paste in the image you'd like to use, it should automatically default to the size of the copied image you brought in.
Oh oh it's ok, i was just stupid, i just had to delete the icon and then put the size xD