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Mar 21 2014, 8:48 am
The CQ chat wont come up for me bt.
Aug 27 2010, 9:02 pm
Jan 6 2010, 3:41 pm
I never said you were a noob.
But yeah the game does lag every now and then but its not huge and it doesn't stay around.
Feel free to delete Niko's comments, i never told him to do this.But yeah my computer isn't perfect and the host files are huge.(Yek never learned how to compress files, lol)
Jan 4 2010, 2:27 pm
If you ever read this.
The Admins are not unfriendly.The game is not laggy, It is your stamina or that your downloading resources to play.Think before you act.

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Coolman1250's Favorite Games

by Lethal Dragon | Jul 3 2009
Tags: arcade
Dodge gigantic drops of pure acid rain! Or suffer the same fate as unlucky bacteria...
by IainPeregrine | Sep 18 2010
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
by Aeon_nova | Feb 17 2006
Tags: action, zombies
An open-world zombie game, you decide what you want to do.
A Sidescroller based on your fav classic anime Dragonball
by Lummox JR | Dec 21 2001
A board game of world conquest
War is a-foot! Heroes, Villains, Akatsuki. Choose your side in this new original Naruto Sidescroller!
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open ...
Compete for to be the World's Strongest! Discord Server:
Murder has never been this much fun. Help your friends, or sacrifice them for gain.
Guns, explosives, classes and killing zombies!
by Acebloke | Sep 19 2005
[AMT] Join the war or build a city