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A pixel that got away.

ExPixel's Games
Falling Blocks
Kill the blocks with your mouse of doom!
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Play on a team, and kill your friends.
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ExPixel's Demos
Better Shading
Better version of shading by Masschaos100(Me)
About Better Shading
Code Compression
Compress your code with this.
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ExPixel's Libraries
Interface Loader
Load interfaces during runtime.
About Interface Loader
Interface Object
For those of use who hate to use winset.
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Javascript Output
This pretty much turns you browser into an output and gives it a couple of functions.
About Javascript Output
Screen Text
What else can I say, it's screen text.
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Smooth Transitions
Use this library to give your interface controls smooth transitions from colors, sizes, and positions.
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String Datum
This is a useful little string datum I came up with.
About String Datum