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Feb 10 2016, 1:08 am
lol, no need.
Feb 9 2016, 2:46 pm
I just looked through my spam mail to see that a BYOND alert had somehow made its way in there, and lo and behold, I learned that it was YOU who bought me a 6-month premium membership.

Thank you! <3
Feb 6 2016, 7:12 am
Toadlings, charge!
Jul 8 2015, 4:51 pm
Whilst I was going to make this a forum post, I figured the forums were too flooded with stupid stuff to put up with my own; but I didn't want to waste all those precious keystrokes; so I decided to post here.

It was recently brought to my attention(and mentioned to me by some of the people that I've been shown) that, apparently, at least a small portion of the community believes I know not what I'm doing with the engine due to my lack of libraries and (ORIGINAL)creations.

I am going to open this thread to allow as a session to express my previous statements more so, in a collective.

Yes, I ran one of the most popular Zeta rips on BYOND. Yes, I actually put work into it and learned from it(as I stated in the "How did YOU learn to program?" and explained through several other posts I cannot recall the name of). I actually made IMPROVEMENTS to the code. I didn't use a bunch of senseless libraries, stolen artwork/code, or crawl around begging for help. I didn't add in a bunch of random buttons, nor did I promote unfair game-play and abusive behavior in administration(despite what those kids that get banned may say). I actually improved every aspect I can recall off of the source I started with. I actually put in features I created solely for that game. I actually attempted to limit these 'admin' verbs to disallow for abuse(still can't think of a way to prevent 'ban/boot/mute' abuse, since those are all based on each person's subjective view of punishing someone.). I actually tried my darnest to balance the mechanics of the game. I actually didn't profit a dime off the game. I actually had no excuse as to why the hub was removed for copyright(as the only 'dbz' related content on the hub were links to the original rip's owner's friends long-dead games.). I actually released the source in hopes that the improvements and patches applied in my source code would be implemented and improve quality over the whole zeta-rip genre. I do not once claim it's the perfect zeta source, as I openly admit to the earlier parts of the source I touched on were rather poor quality as it was and as I gained experience and insight into the engine; I lost, very quickly, my free time to dedicate to the projects I previously relished.

This leads into the reasoning for my lack of original content. I am unsure of the visibility(I should check on that) of the Rundlement title, but I have, for some time; when the mood strikes, worked piece-by-piece at building the systems I feel are needed in the game. I have, only recently, gained assistance from a friend of mine into pixel art. Progress on my front is painfully slow due to my existing RESPONSIBILITIES, which rob me of much of my time. Having a wife I love takes up much of the remainder. I did, at one point, create a few libraries, as some of you may remember. Years ago, I released my 'v1' of the 'Auto Tournament' system I had. I went through several revisions over the years, as the quality early on was piss-poor and easily improved upon. I gained a cockiness in that I was the only one I knew that didn't have to resort to all these poorly done libraries and could create my own systems for use. This was a while ago and I outgrew that phase, as I quickly humbled myself by comparing and improving my works. I would look at certain libraries from the 'gurus' of BYOND and be unable to decipher what they did(ignoring and deleting the comments throughout the code) for days at a time.

The present state of life leaves me with little time to create and publish what I would, at this time, consider acceptable works. I CAN release the systems I have created over time for adaptions into anyone's means, but I consider much of that outdated and in need of re-writes. I have several newerish systems I created for Rundlement, but I'd have to test around and make sure I can deem them 'complete' before releasing them.

I, unlike many of you worried, have a life with responsibilities and have to work for a living.
I, unlike many of you worried, can judge the quality of work from these rips based of the commonfound features that I saw implemented and the difference between the quality of those systems and my own.
I, unlike many of you worried, have a self-conscious 'quality standard' in mind, preventing me from pushing out 20 'demos' of lacking quality.

Any questions/concerns/comments can be directed at me and will be responded to appropriate to the question/concern/comment,
Feb 25 2015, 4:08 pm
Hey, it's been a while. How're you doing lol

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