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What do you mean i have shifty eyes? AIM= Hicapstraw

Phantom_X's Games
Ambiatic Chat
Need a place to talk with friends, but bored of colorless chatrooms? Come check this out!
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BYOND Continuum
Finaly, a continuum game for byond! collect bounty and flags and kill the other dude.
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No its not a survival game, its more of a building/hunting/RPG thing. more inside.
About Island!
Just Fight
A weird game that ive stopped working on. check it out if youd like...
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My life as a Goldfish : The Great Escape
You're now a goldfish who has just escaped to the lake, but the perils arent over...
Raccoon City: The Cleanup
Zombies! Guns! Explosives! What the crap are you doing? Get in here!
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Runnin Around
RATS! collecting your junk and misplaced cheese. and rats dont like each other...
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Tag Frenzy
Tag like you've never played it before...
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Third World : The Beggining
In 2015 most of the world has solved all its problems.Except for one......
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Phantom_X's Demos
Soda Machine Demo
A fully commented demo on how to make a soda machine, make it drop sodas, and have the user pick them up.
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