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Tubutas' Games
A weird game idk i wanted to host it
About AStepByond
Can You Click Faster Than The Doors Close Come Test Your ability on The Slam Game
About DoorGame
This is a rip
About NarutoWotsRip
Realms of Vestrion
Come Explore The Mystical Realms of Vestrion and discover it secrets...
About Realms of Vestrion
Tubutas's Test Games
My first Games open to all!!!
About Tubutas's Test Games
Tubutas' Demos
AI System (NPC Walking)
This is a new great AI system i made
About AI System (NPC Walking)
Advanced Spellbook
Getting fancy wit' the spells.
About Advanced Spellbook
Fog Of War
Uh, Captian i cant see clearly theres too much fog...
About Fog Of War
Giant HUD
Dynamic HUDs of any size, in a unique way
About Giant HUD
Played Time
Ever want a player to know how long they've been playing for...
About Played Time
A better looking shop keeping style
About Shop_Keeper
Tubutas' Libraries
Text to location Library.
About Text2Loc
Tubutas' Action RPG Lib
A Lib full of many features
About Tubutas' Action RPG Lib
Various fun(and useful) text procs
About t_text_procs