by AlexandraErin
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Okay, so. The main reason it's been a week since the test server had anything new is that I've been spending a lot of my dev time dinking around with the interface, figuring out DMS scripting works so I can improve the webclient experience.

And the main reason I've been doing that is because the macros for changing input focus between the game screen and the chatbox didn't work on the browser version, and I assumed that the focus method was not supported so I would need to come up with an alternative.

Going has been slow because on top of learning how to design in DMS, I've been encountering several bugs involving winget, winset, and control parameters, which LummoxJR has been plugging about as fast as I can find them.

Today I hit a turning point when I learned that my initial focus woes were very likely another bug, but that there's another way to phrase the winset() call that gets around it.

TL;DR - Most of the interface work I've done in the last week was not necessary pursuant to my immediate goal of making the browser-based play have everything that the DS-based play has. So. Falling back on my credo of gameplay before glitz, I'm going to be downgrading my custom skin as a priority.

I'm still going to keep tinkering around with the DMS scripting, because I think it's better to know what I'm doing there than not (and because someone has to shake the bugs out), but I'm not going to hold up server updates for it because it's no longer essential for preserving gameplay.

So. The test server will go live with updates as soon as I have tied off the game elements I've been adding with enough of a bow for them to be usable. This is the end of a busy week for me, so it will probably be early next week.
Nice, haven't had a chance to try out the game yet but I'm enjoying reading about your development progress. Keep it up, looks like an interesting project.