Path Of Elements

by Beaster144
A new twist on the classic BYOND RPG, Mystic Journey
The concept idea of this game is this:

You are in the realm of Tandem, the last of the primal realms. The Stone of Sealing has broken and the gateway to the realms of the elements has opened. You choose your path, Fire, Water, Earth or Air until you have enough power to enter the realm of Darkness or Light. After you conquer your inner demons (or angels), you enter Primoris. By defeating the final boss, depending on your alignment, you win the game and gain the title and achievement of God of the Realms.

With an entirely new map and storyline, new items, new monsters, 6 times the playtime, you are guaranteed to have a metricbuttfuckton of fun!

Coder: Beaster144
Icons: Gunbuddy13, Beaster144, RPG Maker VX
Map: Beaster144