An arcade game that uses early arcade game machine graphics.
This multiplayer arcade game looks like an old arcade machine game. No pesky text box, browser, verb panel, stat panel, or pop-up boxes! The text is displayed on the screen! Try it!

DISCLAIMER: A lot of blinky colors and retro flashing colors. Probably not a good idea to play this for too long if that sort of stuff gets to you.

First player to get 20 kills wins. It only supports multiplayer. There are four types of weapons currently available:
Dual Bolts- basic and fastest attack
Smart Bomb- follows an enemy around corners and obstacles for a limited time
Force Wave- pushes enemies backwards into walls and other players, crushing them; it even keeps going, attacking multiple enemies
Charged Beam- the most powerful, but slowest attack; it shoots a beam around the level and leaves a trail that is dangerous to enemies

A,S,D,W*/directional keys to move
+/= to begin typing and finish typing
-/_ to cancel typing without saying anything
Delete acts as backspace when typing
Q* to change weapons
Space* to fire
(* = disabled while in typing mode)