by Falacy
Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
Uhmm whenever i try to use those icons in Icon Ultima it doesnt work?
How don't they work? Its probably an issue with IU
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Kevin208 wrote:
Er People are sending porn... lol

Where? Where? LET ME HAVE IT!!
Joking :3
Falacy wrote:
How don't they work? Its probably an issue with IU

How does Icon Share work exactly? The only possible reason I can think they wouldn't work with IU is because they may have been rsc extracted. Not saying anyone has one but it's a possibility.
rsc extraction has little effect on things. First off, that's how vast majority of icons were stolen, and they all used to work fine. Second, resource extraction has been fixed, so its no longer an issue.
Anyway, I think this may be some generic BYOND fail as usual. Try opening the icon, changing anything about it, and then re-saving it.
You weren't kidding! You can really program efficiently. You should enter the video gaming business.
2 bad that theres no option to save all, currently uploaded icons : ) would be great to see this coded in.
why isnt this up?
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man i want some icons!!
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it's great falacy 4ever
I brasilian and like this ;)
RIP's Place
Its ok... but too many noobs upload the same thing and try to claim it as theirs
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