Naruto Exodus V2

by Garcia123456
New Version of Exodus
Um I suggest you shut this piece of shit down until you fix the very obvious glitches. Just saying.
We are trying to fix all the bugs we can find
garcia the problem with your ownership over this game is the lag first of all, the unbalanced jutsu damage of some of the elemental jutsus, and worst of them all we have an abusing gm i think named kelle that tele kills you smh. u make wots looks like the greatest rip lmao
Hey Garcia, you want to merge with Salvation?We have 24/7 host lag-less shell server and token/aging system and much more? Contact me on pager.
Im sorry you feel that way Kyoshi we are trying to balance the game out more just give us time and we are trying to fix the lag
Could you try and do more chunin exams, the game is nice but it gets boring if you spend hours and hours just being genin and not even having a chance to be chunin.
If you have any feedback or suggestions to the game to make it better, please use the forum to do so.
wamt me to host it for ya pm me 24/7