Gears of War

by Jp
GIAD2009 entry. Turn-based tactics game with robots.
Gears of War is a turn-based tactics game, in which you must command a strike force of heavily-armed and armoured robots in an attack against a similar strike force of heavily armed and armoured robots. Hopefully, awesome ensues.

Robots and weaponry have distinct attributes, such as - the movement cost of turning being more or less, flying over obstacles, being able to shoot through cover, being able to shoot over walls, and so on. Different weapons also have different damage and accuracy ratings, as well as distinct cones of fire - so, for example, one of your 'bots weapons might only be able to fire at things coming from the left.

This was my entry to the Game In A Day contest in 2009, aiming at the 'mechanics' theme, with hints of 'flight' and 'turtles all the way down' (Though it's just one turtle, I'm afraid, not an infinite stack). The source code is available here