Naruto Eternal Rebirth

by Narutomega1
A Rebirth That Started It All?
Current Staff


-Sealed Cloaks
-Susanoo Base Icon
-Madara Susanoo
-Anburame Tech)s
-Fire Jutsu)s
-New Factions
-Donation Specials

|Words From Owner|Im currently working on changing to orginal icons to make the game more orginal and fun. But,I need a host because do to my situation I can't host 24/7 and the game is becoming very popular. So far we are looking for host and as soon as we get the stiutation dealt with we will proceed to get things permanently started.

|Story|A word to describe 'Rebirth'? Ahh, how bout 'Eternal'? Do these words mean nothing to you?Try putting them together like this, Eternal Rebirth. Yes many ways to define these noble words put together like a creating of something that lasts for ever? Ehh, how bout the being of something new that cant be pushed farther. Yes, I like this definition better. What does this have to do with anything of the above. It describes this game actually.You may find difficultys along the way and might not. Lets just hope you do. But ahh this is all I can say for now as the rest lies on you to discover. Why dont u come check it out. Might even want to stay for a bit.
-Words from a Noble Man.

Have a bit of fright. I wish you all a Happy Halloween.