Naruto: United Shinobi

by Memek234
A New Generation of Naruto! Note: This isn't Dragonball Z, Bleach or One Piece!
Welcome to the game.
When the game gona be up?

I miss it
The Forum is offline...
Seems like the game is dead T.T
I dont believe in it ita was best game I find :(
RESORECTION JUTSU:Naruto:United Shinobi !!!!!!!
I dont know why but I was on dame was only (poeple got medals|)and message dont appear.why?
Add me as a friend please soo I can talk with you Miron257
can i have the game source because my's is a NNG game source but it buged and it got locked up
Obviously this one has been locked up 2 considering the fact that the games been off for more than a month,the forums down, and there's been no word from Memek234 or the other guys who created the game. I think Byond is getting rid of all of the rips.(most likely because of the recent uprising of people ripping the crap out of Naruto the Next Generation. Before the site update there were like 10 games live which were NNG rips and 25 more in development. Pretty much if u typed in the word Naruto all u got was NNG >.>)
Its the most orginal NNG type game,It got new maping,new influence system and I think new clans also :(
Comeone,will it be continued?
Make it up!
Please,if you need hoster or something just tell mee :( I want help this game.
So when is Game Commin Back Up?
Can you put Game Back up Please!!!!!!!!
Hurry up bring this shit back up before i crash byond forever
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