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Dude Let Me Host Your KHR!
Yes i can even host it to. Please 10th Vongola I love The GAME SO MUCH.
hello i would like to talk to you some how to ask if i can assit you with your icons i do not require anything from you i just would like to help is all and thank you for your time.

can you please send me a contact in order for me to send something to you
can you fix my icon please
yo fix the host files link so i could host the game plz its urs and it will always be so let us play gemmie the files man
if u fix host button i cn host so plz fix it
Hello mister i am a expert Coder/Iconer i would be happy to host your game at any time if you want to talk about it contact me at [email protected]
yo ryan ive been playing as a regular player nd helping ppl r hve i proven myself enough nw so
ill be waiting on khr
your gm named Glitch he banned me!
when will you open the game i started playing yesterday and its awesome!
hey vongola10th do another to be play
please some one is threatening to ban me to ban me their character name is Dragon VC they say if i get sky they will ban me it has me worried
i just found out it is either Alaxandre1494 or the one person currently private
could you have someone do a 24/7 host?
Yo I could host on somedays
can you host the game?
Hi may I ask if you need a 24/7 Hoster? If you are I'm the guy for the Job ^^
Vongola, you still working on KHR? Please reply back, I miss being the strongest on one of my favorite games xD
Please host the game again :(
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