Pokemon Master Battles

by Pom583
Pokemon Master Battles
Pokemon Master Battle is coming back!

*Thanks Teka For Listing The Game!

~Staff Members~

Main Owner : Aden(Pom583)
Co-Owner : Vexen(Jimmy889)|Vexxen(Vexxen)
Co-Owner : Light(Liight)
Co-Owner : VixiV(VixiV)
Head-Admin : Oni(GMCros)
Admin :
Admin :
Admin :
Trial GM :

Version: 4
Started on the second town.
Will be getting AI gymleaders - Thans Vexxen!
Adding more pokemons.

Version: 3-3.2
Added an AFK verb.
Added a cave.
Working on EXP bar.(Working)
More pokemons have been added.
Got Stones working.

Version: 2
Added more to the map.
More pokemons have been added.
Almost finished with female character(DONE)

Version: 1
5th Generation Pokemons now!
Changed the map.
Deleted old source and made new one.

Game Helpers

Main Programmer : Aden(Pom583)
Programmer : Light(Liight)
Programmer : Vexen(Jimmy889)|Vexxen(Vexxen)
Mapper : Oni(GMCros)
Host : Aden(Pom583)

1)Do Not Block Doorways And Such
2)Do Not Post Any Mature Content Links
3)Do Not Cuss
4)Do Not Advertise Any Other Games
5)Do Not Spam
6)Do Not Offend GMs/Admins/Owners
7)Return your Pokemon when logging off.
8)Last Of All *!HAVE-FUN!*

GM Rules
1)Do Not Mute/Jail/Boot People You Hate
2)Do Summon Legends To Players Or Summon
Players To Legends
3)Also Follow Player Rules
4)Do Not Mess With GMs With Ranks Higher Than You
5)Do Not Start Fights(Huge Conversations)
No Longer Inactive (Internet issues)
I am now inactive.
I have a few updates set freeze when you click it it gives you option to "Freeze or UnFreeze"

And a Poke Locator
the upgrade will end when you have a deadline for when the game will go online
The game will be on soon im almost done with an update
Wow Whybe why spam sad you can't create a game without me?
hey when the game will be online again
when the game will be online again