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can you please unban me i make more than 3 saiyans and i did not know so please can you unban me
on dragonball legacy
hey eldin im friend of gotu123 (ur cousin)
I would like to ask u if u can unban me coz i didnt know i mustnt make more than two saiyans
Eldin can you check if i am banned cause when the window pops up it says connecting then the window just disappears and dragon ball legacy dosent appear please reply to me if i am banned or something else is wrong thank you
Eldin i never played this game before and now it stand that im banned but i never played this game! please unbann memy friend says this is a awsome game and i want to try it! :(
can you unban me please. I really want to play
hi eldin can i have the host files of dragonball lacancy i really want to play this game again and i am sure that other people want that to.

if you read this can you reply to me so i know your answer.
Please host your server :)
are you dead ....?
Host your game please Eldin
pls unban me
Unban me bro,i wasnt paying attention attention to race.
will dbz legancy ever gets online? if not could you upload the host files so others like me can host it plz?