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Congratz on membership
Arcteris wrote:

check out this game dbgt mystic legends! helping a friends get more poeple to play :D and if u can favorite or follow or fan something like that please ty and btw a real good iconner is Mechanical Demon <---- thats his key. thanks


I want to congratulate you with your awesome Digimon game.

I wanted to ask if there is any way i could apply for a spot in this awesome game because i would be honoured to mean something to this game.

Nice job.
Gimme the source for digimon tamers please so the awaiting fans can play it...
Yo hi hai sup <<
Arcteris, my good sir. Would you please add a "Download" option to Digimon Tamers Classic so it is free to play without the need to have a host? It would satisfy me and tons of other fans of Digimon and your game. Thanks, and good morningdaynightevening. P.S., I assume you already know, but just in case, you have to change it to both singleplayer and multiplayer. I hope you consider this, because I'm itching to play DTC. ^^oVo^^
If by some chance you see this, if you still have the files for this GOATED game please find it in you to give them out.
I am having some heavy nostalgia recently and I keep thinking about this.