Saint Seiya: Knights Of The Zodiac

by Dominate Another Day
Saint Seiya: Knights Of The Zodiac
Welcome to Saint Seiya! Be reborn in the 16th Era to either fight alongside or against Athena. The fate of planet Earth lies on your hands!

Welcome to Saint Seiya


Pixel Artists : Cam, Paul, Isami, Jeff, Vash.

Programmers: Vash, Osi.

Mappers: Paul,Osi,Vash.

GFXer: Ray,Vash.


Any Help will be greatful,You can add:
Cam, Vash or Paul on Windows Live Messenger.
Cam - [email protected]
Vash - [email protected]
Paul - [email protected]
Watch Gameplay of Saint Seiya Here watch?v=Gwl9ildPcII&feature=channel_video_title


best game ever use cheat code up down left down right down up for lvl 110
It seems Kitty (Leader) has given up on the game Q,Q.....He was like "Guys F*** this game we got a life out there to explore ;D"