Rp Radio CE - Custom Edition

by Mista-mage123
Rp Radio CE - Custom Edition
Create your own text-based roleplays, using the power of an RPG Battle System!
Welcome to Rp Radio - Custom Edition

Rp Radio CE is a bare-bones easily editable version of my infamous BYOND TXTRPG engine.

Create your own roleplays and use the power of the RPG System where you can create NPCs, Enemies, Equipment, Items, Skills, and more!

You can edit the skin, make things look exactly how you want to, customize nearly everything about your server.

You can also import and export other people's databases with ease, allowing you to create backups of your server savefiles and learn about the workings of other servers.

With RpRCE, The RPG is yours!
About The Games by Mista-mage123 Why Do they ban me for Asking Them About something?
Jeff you troll everywhere jesus lol
I like pie. :3
can someone tell me the est time of the server. i dont know if it starts at 6pm or 9pm
How do you create buffs?.
Better late than never.
The game servers never show up on the hub, you will need to connect to the game through anyone in an RP Radio CE server.
If it helps, I'll add anyone on the waiting list so they can join my server whenever possible.
*wishes the hosted servers would appear on the hub and pager*
*wishes for RP Radio CE to update*
AHHEM you can simply fix the hub issue by hiring an expert coder. and making it so that the hubs titles are different.
and demmy. add me to that waiting list. gotta hav dem rp's
Too bad i can't host because my computer changed...shit.
Yay, it finally shows!
We almost hit 1000 downloads!
Yay, 4 downloads more until 1000.
I am the 1000th downloader.

Do I get a prize
I've made an RPRCE manual so hosts won't have to go diving through the forums for the information they need. Enjoy.
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