Pokemon Red Steel

by Fire_Laena
Pokemon Red Steel
Become a Pokemon or trainer, and join our growing community!
Date updated: March 21, 2020
By: Kitten

Hello everyone! It seems that after about six years of not being updated and running, the community had a wish to get Pokemon Red Steel running again. We're currently up and hosting again, and updating frequently. Join us and become part of our growing community!

I've removed the link to the forums, since it's outdated and used. It can still be reached and viewed, but is not actively used anymore. Should you want to appeal for a ban, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected]. Kitten is in charge of the unbans.

We have an active Discord server now, which you're welcome to join. Here you can chat with fellow players, leave suggestions, and view the most recent update notes.

Discord: https://discord.gg/Hvk6vDC

So everyone, enjoy the game, let us know what you think, and see you around!

-Kitten, owner of PRS


This game's been running since 01-02-2007. Back then, this game was created by Mysterious Dome. When he left, Kitten took over the ownership of this game and has been owner since.

Old forum link (inactive): http://pokemonredsteel.proboards.com

Get started, Look at our:
Trainer guide:

Pokemon guide:

--Official GM list:--

Red stands for regular GM's.

Blue stands for GM's who may not log in much.

A D M I N s :
Kitten (Fire_Laena)
Ryujin (BadHulk)

G M s :
Mattzz (Mattzz_2)
Ali (Alikhan)
Strawberries (Strawberries The Fruit.)
Oracle Valyrin (Valyrin)
Shadzy (Shadzy)

Kit (Fire_Laena) is in charge of GM's and the rest of the game.

Ryujin (BadHulk) is the host.

---GYM LEADERS:-------

Forest Shire - Electricity - None
Victasia - Water - None
Dragon Rock - Dragon/Fire - None
Fargon - Flying/Normal - None
Saltaport - Grass/Bug* - None
Bikou - Ghost/Dark - None
Tundra Peak - Ice/Psychic - None


[*] Trainer(Gym Leader) must be at least level 60.
[*] Pokemon of the Gym must be at least level 50.
[*] The Gym Leader must have at least 4 Pokemon at level 50.
[*] Gym Leaders must be at least playing for 2 weeks.
[*] Gym Leaders must be online AT LEAST twice a week.
[*] Gym Leaders must beat Mist in a battle. And they have to bring Mist to below 70k (100k is full) of his or her health, the trainer will be promoted to Gym Leader.
[*] Gym Leaders must understand the rules and must have the basic grammar knowledge.
[*] Gym Leaders will ONLY catch their Pokemon which they need for their gym. For example, Dragon Rock may ONLY catch Fire and Dragon typed Pokemon.
[*] The minimum amount of Pokemon can fight is 3 whereas the maximum is 6.
[*] A trainer can heal his/her Pokemon is the Gym Trial battle, however, they will have to stop healing once they die until that Pokemon faints. Thereafter, they can heal the next Pokemon and vice versa.

Abusing GYM Verbs may end up in an IP BAN! Please note this. (Like creating everyone badges who didn't beat you, cheating, ect.)


1. The GM's decision is final. Please respect the GM's decision and don't discuss with the GM's.
2. Don't Scam, Hack or abuse bugs. If you see a bug please tell a GM. When you are found abusing bugs on purpose you will be BANNED.
3. We want no swearing, sexual harassment or pornography in our game, so watch your language.
4. Don't spam useless things the OOC channel. Do this and expect a mute.
5. Do not advertise other BYOND games or even talk about them.
6. Do not offend Players or insult them.
7. We do not tolerate asking for GM. Anyone who asks for GM won't EVER be one! If we think you can take on the job, we will come to you.
8. You are allowed to Multikey, but you are NOT allowed to catch yourself unless you got a GM's permission to do so.
9. Do not ask GMs to create and give you stuff. You won't get anything but a punishment.
10. Do not attack other players or NPC's outside of the PK zone.
11. AFK training (Also training using punching bags) is not allowed.
12. You're not allowed to recreate more than 3 times a day, 5 times a week PER PERSON so NOT per key. Period.
13. The first letter in your AND your pokemon's name must be capitalized.
14. Do not attack NPC's apart from training dummies.
15. Trainers, give your pokemon a normal name! This means no special characters and A - Z only. They can also not have more than 20 characters. 20 is the cap.
16. You can have 2 keys online at the same time, with an unlimited maximum of offline keys.
17. Macroing is not allowed. It just wastes your PP as dummies die, plus, it causes lag! So please refrain from doing so.
18. Do not mini-mod. We appreciate it if you want to help, but the GM's will handle the situation.
19. Do not ask for events. A GM will host one when it's possible.
20. Feel free to speak in another language in Whisper, but everywhere else in-game, speak ENGLISH and ENGLISH ONLY!
Read those rules carefully, anyone who breaks them will be punished!

Please do us a favor and follow the rules. Enjoy your stay in Pokemon Red-Steel. :)

What do you do in this game:
You play as either a Pokemon or trainer.

As a pokemon, you play, level up, and go to the PvP zones to battle other Pokemon players. Get to a higher level to unlock new locations and regions!

As a Trainer, you train your pokemon and you level up yourself. There's a lot of ways to earn XP, like by catching pokemon. Trainers can also get to new places when they get to higher levels. Trainers can also become GYM leaders and challenge other trainers to battles!

During the year, different events will be hosted, like the years before. (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, ect.)

If you find a GM Abusing or think they are, please contact Kit on the forum. Be literate and please use correct grammar and spelling. We appreciate it if you give us details or proof. Do NOT Insult the GM and be mature.

If you think you got banned without a good reason, you can post in the Wanting to be unbanned board at the forums. Please fill in the forum and be serious. We appreciate mature requests and non swearing makes a good impressing too. It's up to you. Don't lie in it, either. Remember, getting banned and getting unbanned is one thing. Though getting banned and breaking the rules again will end up in a PERMANENT ban!
Seems fun. Sadly it isn't up. Hope to try this game out later~