Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola

by TheVongola10th
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola
WotV is a game inspired by one of the best unrecognized Anime out there.
I was bored so i created a sistema CAI for Clouds called the Box Bandolier

the bandolier is kept within one box and needs a b-rank ring to open (ring breaks after use) when open you have access to 14 boxes and a bandolier ring

2boxes contain rings
one is openable with the cloud flame ring and contains a mist bandolier ring then there is a box that opens with a mist ring that contains the thunder bandolier ring

6 boxes for cloud bandolier ring
cloud1-gives cloud type tonfas
cloud2-4 gives clouds that act as shields and obstacles but allow your attacks to go through
cloud 5-6 Mino and mina a black and white porcupine like roll that fight as one and activated as one (box animal)

3mist boxes for mist bandolier ring
Mist hummingbird-creates an illusion which traps everyone including you there for 66 seconds(box animal)so its destroyable
Mist glass-swaps out cloud defense system with a glass that reveals all illusions including yours around them 1 square from them
Mist amoeba-when used the tonfas attack with a mist property wave that is multiplied into 2 because of the clouds propagation factor (if used while next to mino and mina they become invisible for 10 seconds)

3 Lightning boxes
Lightning rod-causes electricity to flow around the tonfas giving a an attack similar to x-burner but only 4 tiles long that is full with electricity(if used while next to mino and mina they gain a boost in attack)
Thunder breaker-must have hummingbird out-the illusion is broken down and all that are in the illusion including the user is electrocuted
Electric build up-the cloud defense system gets electric and damages things around it

you cant use Electric build up and mist glass at the same time and without any of the 3 clouds set out
cant use mist amoeba and lightning rod at the same time
you need to open the ring boxes first
the box lasts for only 5 minutes and the b-rank ring used to activate it is broken at the end
My second invention is another few box weapon
this time a little simpler they are designed for each flame as the Nakumiru weapons (again these are ideas

Its name-Rain Box blade

out of the original box comes out a blade with 3 more boxes attached to it,the sword is used instead of the ring to open the boxes

Handle box 1-Weathering Rain Acid-coats the blade in acidic rain flames that corrode the defense status enemies
Handle box 2-Weathering rain Snow-when the enemy is hit he or she is frozen allowing a short time for more attacks or running away or healing (the enemy can still atack only the feet are frozen
Handle box animal-Flying fish-a flying fish with no combat capabilities moves toward the opponent weakening the opponents attack with its passive factor (however they can be fooled by illusions and can be destroyed like all box animals)(if it hits an illusion maker the passive factor instead makes them unable to maintain the illusion)
Sun box Nakumiru weapon

another box within a box system

out of the first box comes out 3 more boxes and a pair of sunglasses

the sunglasses have the 3 boxes attached to the hands as miniature boxes

glasses box 1-hyper speed-by sending sun waves into the brain through the eyes the user gains enhanced reflexes and faster speed
Glasses box 2-ULTIMATE POWER-uses sun waves to enhance the muscle growth giving extra boost in physical attacks (however with the muscles being larger than the tissue not only is dying will used but so is health)
Sun armadillo box-the third box summons an armadillo which with out having any combat ability acts as a rest point it has an EXTREME amount of defense and all who rest around it are healed twice as fast as normal

well thats it for 2 more box weapons
im working on ideas for the other flames
remaining are storm,mist,lightning,cloud and sky
they will each consist of the same principle of an item with 3 more boxes