by Lcooper
A game based on Exadv1's Console
A different take on Exadv1's Console.
- Computers
- Robots
- Laptops
- Almost all shell commands from Console
- Routers
- Some labs
- All excode commands

- I have changed all of the excode commands so that the dump variable is the first.
For example: dumpfile;"/path/file;file
Is now: dumpfile;file;"/path/file
Added features:
-New game skin (Interface)
-Admin system
-Bigger map
-More labs
-Lab signs
-New devs join the project
-SVN access for devs
-New custom skins for devs
Could you explain what it is that you are supposed to do?
What are you talking of? Encrypted? It's in dev. You could access it when online, hosted by W12W, Lcooper or me. If you see it hosted by a stranger, tell us the host name.
New updates:
-Added light transparency to main screen.
-Dev crew named to: 'Wako wako' dev crew.
-New domain name.
-Email fowarding @wakowako.info.(Up to 100 for now)
-We have now support address. You may now contact us at [email protected]

What next?
-Computer system improvements.
-We will add many more turfs.
-We will also add many more objects.
-Also many more electronic gear.
-Many custom skins.
-Better graphics? (I like SS13 style)
Raruno, this is a sandbox computer world where you can experiment with different electronics. This project is aimed at creating an efficient computer like system to add to a future game that I will be making.