Souls Of Destiny

by Niro1
When evil takes over...Which path will you choose to follow?
In development. For a brief game plot, read on!

-After a huge virus conjured by some of the mightiest Wizards in the world was spread,
the years of devastation for the island of Brimetra came. The sheer carnage of the population was inevitable as the virus was completely altering Human DNA, turning them into vicious beasts. Beasts capable of completely obliterating the remainings of the race.

-Once a proud, noble group of Mages called "The Valor" suddenly turned their back on their own
kind for unknown reasons. Those who were saved from the virus tell stories about the incident, but no one really knows the truth. In order to protect the rest of their race, Mages who were unaffected by the mysterious forces, came up with a shocking solution. The only solution capable of preventing the virus from spreading. Create an army of Humans capable of fighting the monsters without getting affected by the virus. Humans, murdered by the Mages and ressurected by the same with a forbidden ancient magic. The only thing they would preserve from their past life, was their Souls. "Equipped" with a new artificial body, they would get trained in different ways to fight against the "Beasts from Hell", as they were called, and find the actor behind the scenes of this deadly virus.

-Those Humans were named "Souls of Destiny". The last barrier of Mankind.

-Create and customize your character the way you like!
-Chose between the variety of available Soul Powers!
-Make your own combos to strike down the enemy!
-Discover the mysteries of Brimetra and fight your way through deadly beasts!
-PvE and PvP Events are included as well!

Development Team and Credits:

- Main Owner - Niro1

-Pixel Art: Niro1, 69-LOKI-69 and Raunts61
-Programming: D-Cire.

Credits to Viktorian and SasukeHawk for helping.

Sounds interesting, cant wait to play. Good luck on production.
We'll do our best :)
niro are you the niro from naruto evolution? :D
Need help. let us know!.
Sounds fun
I have been making a few buildings and clothes. Viktorian has been doing some fixes and adding a few Soul Power skills. And Loki has been fixing up the base a little more. Once he's done, we'll fix the female base.

Niro says Hi! :)
Seems really fun, I can't wait to play it ^^ Approximately, when will it be hosted?
Well we're still developing it so we don't have a precise date yet. As soon as we do, we'll let you guys know.

Hey Squigs, thought you were dead o.o
O...Orgasm, game looks wicked!
A wild Ninja Appeared
Yaay! Ninjas have joined us.
Is this dead?
In response to D-Cire
Not at all. I've just been quite busy and without a real programmer the progess is going slow now.
Want to page me some details? I might be interested considering you actually have some dedicated artists. Those are hard to come by. I've also been itching to work on a project after Feed and the Epic sets.
So Niro are you still working on this cause I've noticed you got your other game going on there :3