Naruto WWA

by Critical172
A new Naruto game coming soon
like how u stole trees from dbo2
never heard about dbo2 but i know for afact them trees are basic in byond so they dont own em.
infact thats like saying all anime games breach terms condiction of names of copyright.
When wil it be online again
yeah :D
yeah its a great game you should continiue working on it !!
when will be next host? :D
Get a new host, game is always up and down
pinecones its got nothing todo with host the game isnt even complete yet its easyer to work on updates and new things with the game down then it is up people do have lifes you know
HUB is moving soon so register on Forums to keep up with what happens.

aww man i just started play and the game is down @_@
Does anyone have whats app and can me say when game is on because my pc is away and i need to go to friend then
in absence of critical, I've continued the game and work on it in my spare time new hub: NarutoWorldWideAdventures# with updated screenies check it out and fan! We're releasing soon!
Will the game be back?
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