Shinobi Roleplay 4

by Tavren
Shinobi Roleplay 4
A new advancing Role play game come in and try it out!

Shinobi Roleplay v4

"Welcome to Shinobi Roleplay Version 4!"
Use your role-playing skills to become a powerful ninja in the world of Naruto! Now new with a HUGE update! Now you have the option to be a mage!

Now with a Huge update where players can buy which Jutsu or Perk they want! There will be a Buy Jutsu or a Buy Perk Verb GIVE IT A SHOT!



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Sorry guys the game should be up very shortly! There appears to be some hosting issues!!!
When it'll be up?
Did you know IMangekyouI ???
He did my hub lol
In response to Tavren
Yeah, he took that from my hub and starting using it on his own lmao.
Wow Lol.