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Chris-Chan is epic.
It appears the Marvel RP server is run by an abusive host, there has been no reason to ban me according to the rules here. http://gyazo.com/2f94e14b1883ca5b5e76d2c102bec315

Rule 1 was broken for I have been disrespected by the one who put it there. Rule 5 violated as I have been refused answer to any question of why.

Here is a log of what happened in the IC and OOC channels.

I demand a full apology and an un-ban or would you rather have your server be labeled as abusive? I would do it on the pager but for unknown reasons you have blocked me after I asked why. http://gyazo.com/9ed6cfb6f15f27aeae86ded26ab38ecf
Just FYI, the below person is Gyro Gun too! This incident has been added to the pile. If anybody wants evidence that Gyro is Raiden73, just contact me.

In the meantime, I am sincerely grateful that people are taking a stand and ensuring that this furry pedophile isn't allowed on reputable servers.
What are you even talking about?
Oh, we have our sources.
Well, go continue on in your fantasy world of things. May whatever deity you believe n have mercy on your soul.
Hey, I would've said the same thing about you! Except I'm not a massive atheist who reacts to even the slightest inference of fundamentalism as though they were gang-raped by gay pastors when they were a child.
Jesus Christ, this is still going on? Ugh, why can't Gyro/Raiden just leave BYOND and do his stuff that some people will actually like?
Funny how someone who thinks he's an "interlectial" wonders why everyone thinks he's an idiot.
Please don't be Vulgar on the comments.
Please don't be vulgar in life.
That's not nice...
Just FYI, the major posts I've made related to your identity will be edited into something on the front page when you finally shut up, so that people don't blunder into your server without full knowledge of your disgusting habits, Gyro. Also, if you're not Gyro, why do you insist on replying to posts meant only for him, hmm?
To make an appropriate opening to ask why do you have issues with this Gyro person in trying so hard to publicly shame him.
Seriously Gyro, just stop. I know you've been hurting yourself because of not being respected on BYOND and from what I've heard you've been suffering from severe mental disorders, but you've put this on yourself. And I'm not talking about just you, I'm talking about you other people that are aggravating him by insulting him and stuff. I'm not saying that him bothering a lot of people are you guys' fault either, but.. Gyro, I suggest seriously just not trying to piss off people just by.. y'know, all that stuff that got you banned in the first place. I suffer from mental disorders too, but I don't even try to do stupid stuff to make other people not like me. So seriously Gyro, just stop.
Because you are a furry pedophile, an angry, petulant child, and have verbally attacked literally dozens of people who refuse to enable you. You'll doubtless ask 'where's the evidence' or something, so I'll save you the trouble; it's in this thread, somewhere or other. You'll still ignore it, but it's still there!
You know this Gyro person hasn't even responded, unless this Gyro person is Jeran's alternative key.
Yes, I am Jeran Korak. :3
Gyro Gun wrote:
Yes, I am Jeran Korak. :3

It's kind of amusing to think Gyro Gun probably sincerely expects people to have this kind of reaction to that statement.

Once again (since it's slid down this list), if you have some examples that prove just how horrible a failure of a human being Gyro Gun/Raiden73/His other alts is, please feel free to share them in the comments, or privately with me if you wish to remain anonymous.

Also, I'm making no further replies to Gyro/Raiden73 (Gyro73? Yeah, that's a pretty good name.) as he has ceased to say anything amusing. Feel free to try for yourselves!
Jeran, if you hate his existence; why are you so obsessed with him?
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