RP Basic

by Arctangent
A lightweight engine to create your own text-based roleplays, for any and all to join!
RP Basic is just as it sounds, a basic engine for roleplaying. With it and some imagination from your players, you can easily craft fantastic worlds and epic adventures with nothing more than some world building and HTML.

Core features include characters with fully-customizable profiles and children to support multiple face icons, files that can be created, edited, and deleted by admins to provide publicly-available information, a split between in-character and out-of-character output, and essential admin tools. Also provided are three customizable server rules, message of the day, and world information and a few other tools handy for roleplaying.

RP Basic is currently in a very early stage, so feedback is appreciated, especially to spot any bugs that lurk in the code.

Open Beta v6.1
- New verb: version. Prints a messages displaying the server's current RPB version. The same message is displayed upon logging in, above the rules and message of the day.
- Beeps now also have small text notifications for both the beeper and the beepee.
- New admin verbs: mute and unmute beep. Used to disable or reenable a particular player's beeps. Muting a player normally still disables beeps regardless of if their beeps are muted or not.

Open Beta v6
- Move to Folder is now available as a command for folder modify. Which means, yes, folders can now be placed within other folders.
- New verb: beep. Plays a beep at target player; does not work on players who have set their status to asleep or AFK. Also, you can't beep while muted.
- New verb: disable beep. Prevents you from being beeped.
- Bugfix: Some of the folder modify input boxes had the wrong help text.
- Bugfix: Creating multiple files or folders at time no longer gives them the same default name.
- Not in this version but as a reminder to myself: add a "whatversion" function in the next release.

Open Beta v5.3
- Bugfix: A cardinal sin has been absolved, so now showing random numbers to yourself or trying to generate random numbers while muted now behaves properly.

Open Beta v5.2
- Muting someone now prevents them from using their characters.
- random number now asks a fourth prompt that allows you to show only yourself the results or cancel the generation.

Open Beta v5.1
- Bugfix: Children still had Test Apperance instead of Test Appearance. Whoops. This rendered the command unfunctional on them. Double whoops.
- Make Child now asks for the number of children to make, allowing the birthing of them en mass.

Open Beta v5
- Due to some incompetence with file storage and computer issues, the previous updates have been redone and may be functionally different. Apologies for this, and as a result of it, the lack of updates.
- Test Appearance is now properly Test Appearance.
- Player saves are now stored in their own folder. Hosts will want to make a players/ directory and move all the player .savs there.
- New character commands: Nudge Up and Nudge Down. These do the same thing as their file and folder counterparts; mothers will move within the owner's character list, while children with move within the mother's child list.
- Nudge Up and Nudge Down ( all versions ) now ask for the number of spaces to nudge rather than limiting the nudge to one space per use.

Open Beta v4.2.2
- Bugfix: Browser windows, such as those used by read file, now have better creation of unique cache names.

Open Beta v4.2.1
- Player saving on graceful log off has been reincluded to help aid in edge cases where saving would otherwise not occur.
- Bugfix: set admin status wasn't saving after use.

Open Beta v4.2
- Player saving now occurs after each savable change rather than on a graceful log off.
- Bugfix: Being on multiple servers should no longer cause shenanigans with world infos, outside of unusual circumstances.

Open Beta v4.1
- Bugfix: read file should now show unowned files to non-admins.
- Bugfix: Unowned files should no longer appear when you switch folders with file modify, except for admins.

Open Beta v4
- World status is now saved.
- set world status has been updated to be put more in line with other set admin verbs.
- Many verbs now have their name at the top of their input boxes.
- The Player List and Your Characters tabs now have a dancing binary figure to help keep clients connected.
- When using the Set Icon character command, you can now also choose to remove the character's icon or to close to prompt without changing it.
- New admin verbs: folder create, folder delete, and folder modify. Allows the creation, deletion, and modification of folders to hold files. Currently, folders cannot be placed in other folders. Deleting a folder will dump all the contained files into the root menu, to prevent accidental deletion from wiping large amounts of data.
- New admin file command: Move to Folder. Allows the actual usage of folder by placing the selected files into the selected folder.
- Bugfix: file modify will no longer ask what you want to do with yourself.
- Bugfix: Special characters in names will no longer cause character descriptions and files to become unreadable.

Open Beta v3.1
- set console color is now properly an admin verb. Whoops.

Open Beta v3
- Player List tab modified to aid readability.
- By clicking on the indented, unbolded player name in the Player List tab, you can now toggle between showing their characters, their characters and children, or hiding them. Defaults to hiding them.
- Added more verbs to marcos and the drop-down menus.
- Now properly uses the version variable.
- New character command: Normalize Children Colors. Allows you to instantly the name and text colors of all differing children to match the parent.
- New character command: Test Apperance. Prints a test message to only you for checking how the character will look when used.
- New admin verb: set console color. Allows changing the background and text colors of both the IC and OOC consoles.

Open Beta v2.1
- Bugfix: File ownership is now properly kept after logging off.

Open Beta v2
- Keys are now bolded in the player list to aid in readability.
- You can now set font colors directly by hex code.
- Add Cancel option to several verbs that were missing it.
- file create and file delete are now available for players, however they can only edit or delete their own files.
- New verb: file modify, which opens a list that allows editing files, renaming them, and, for admins, nudging them up and down the file list. Replaces file edit.
- New admin verbs: writer allow and writer deny. Non-admins that are not writers cannot create, modify, or delete files. New players do not begin with writer powers.
- New admin verb: set character skeleton. Allows changing the default description of characters to aid in their creation.
- Bugfix: Children will now always have a cancel command in their menu.
- Bugfix: Right-clicking on a character no longer pulls up a useless context menu.
- Bugfix: If you don't alter a file's contents, it will no longer announce that you did.
It seems OK, but so far most of the player base are rude, crude seclusive people so far... no offense to Arc with some hope the player base will improve.
In response to Gyro Gun
Gyro Gun wrote:
It seems OK, but so far most of the player base are rude, crude seclusive people so far... no offense to Arc with some hope the player base will improve.

Seems more rude for you to play a hand in bringing down another game similar to this one and then smugly pretend it never existed while expecting a clean slate here. Also RP Basic is much more than 'ok', it's great and Arc puts effort into it that we appreciate. This playerbase is the same as RPU's playerbase, so, naturally, there's hostility towards you. Every server has the right to refuse someone for whatever reason it wants. Don't try and generalize the playerbase simply because you were banned from the first server on the game. A good portion of the server has met and stated their opinions on you, plus you made a poor first impression on me. Even without my opinion, I'm not risking upsetting most of the server just to let you on, don't pretend you havn't banned people before yourself. Deal with the consequences of your actions like a man already and keep it off of here, please.

Couldn't let that be the only comment on the hub.
I think what people commonly forget on these kind of games is that there is no specific 'playerbase'. The owner of this game simply provides the game and this hub, everything else is controlled by the host/owner of that specific server. If you have an issue with that server, simply move on to the next.

One thing I can say is that I'm grateful that another game was made like this, since the only other one was taken down. It gives you complete freedom of creating your own server, of course with some rules that the owner of the game will enforce to keep things going smoothly when he can.
Also this game is good.
11/10 would recommend to anyone who is interested in basic
1,200 dollars worth of coding
Sucking up and kissing ass gets you nowhere.
In response to Gyro Gun
Gyro Gun wrote:
Sucking up and kissing ass gets you nowhere.

Careful, you're breaking posting rules. I'd recommend you stop.

Yep. 2 and 3.
The posting guidelines, correct?
I can dig it. Nice work Arctangent!
In response to Gyro Gun
Gyro Gun wrote:
Sucking up and kissing ass gets you nowhere.

Dat lack of knowing what people are making references to tho.
Dat aggression
Dat dat/
Dat etc.
Not much of server variety since I came and up to this comment.

I'm just hoping there will be some new servers soon than one successful and one empty.
I'm still fumbling around with my operating system to download the host files. I've never had this much trouble in my life since using windows 8.. I was planning on hosting a Yu-Gi-Oh! role play. But it seems people are just indifferent or tired with that concept. You guys think I should do it?
You should, would be the first anime RP I seen on RPB so far.
Trinalsis, why are you not answering my questions of why you banned me when no rules were broken?
Nobody wants you because you're a notoriously vore-obsessed furfaggot who constantly tries making nudist prepubescent Sonic fan-characters on every server you play. When you aren't having them steal the underwear of female characters, you're pestering men to have cybersex with you or throwing massive tantrums when people note that you are an utterly disgusting human being with zero redeeming qualities.

Abusing, bullying and trolling someone on the internet for entertainment isn't funny Jeran, here's a lesson for you and anyone of your type.

Get a piece of paper, then crumble it up and stomp on it. Now try to unravel and make it flat as it used to be. No matter what you do to get rid of the wrinkles. You will never make the paper the same as it used to be. Those are the scars of abuse, the scars are permanent and cannot be undone. No matter what you do, they will remain. This is what happened to me, but who cares. It's not like you should worry about the consequences for your way of self-entertainment.

If you have any humanity in you at all, delete your post, what type of post am talking about? The one here. http://gyazo.com/ebdd5fd425877c2fdcdf4a926886d136

Let it be a reminder to you and all your other troll buddies for how immature and inhumane you trolls are.
Gyro, it doesn't surprise me at all that you still keep going on about being the victim and have 'done nothing wrong' when you've thrown insults and threats yourself, and done things that have basically caused a lot of people of the text-based RP playerbase to not like you in the first place. So seriously, dude, just give it up. Continuing what should've ended isn't helping your case at all.

Gyro Gun has recently taken to impersonating Lloyd Ishtar of the RPU development team and sending messages to players on RPU, threatening to have them code-banned. He has also used the same account to try and convinced Anthony Hawkina, the owner of RPU, to cancel his own code-ban. Despite being revealed very early on, he continues doing this, which is as highly amusing as it is further proof that he has not, and will never change his behavior. His most recent attempt to harass is found here, while the conversation revealing his impersonation of Lloyd can be found here!

If you have been attacked like this by Gyro Gun, please screenshot it and send it to my shoutbox, where it will be recorded here, or elsewhere.

Yeah, it's kind of amusing that you keep trying to play the victim card when your attempts to hack, disrupt and generally harass other places such as RPU (hilariously incompetently, but still) are well documented and archived. I like to think that I have more humanity than a person who has gone into gigantic, hysterical tantrums when politely told that he isn't allowed to act out his furry pedophilia fetishes in public. I'd say 'take it to F-list', but I have good reason to believe even they have banned you by now.

So, in summery, Gyro, (or should I call you by your real name?) You will never succeed in hiding from your actions. They will always be there to haunt you, thanks to the vast number of people who are happy to catalog all the reasons why you are frankly the internet equivalent of cancer. Except at least when you have cancer, you aren't forced to interact with sex-obsessed Sonic fan-characters.
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