Naruto New Beginnings

by Klogaum
Naruto New Beginnings
An action packed Naruto based player vs player game based off The naruto ninja word!
Welcome to New Naruto Beginnings! Here's a few rules that must be followed in order
have fun as a community. These rules are to be applied to both the admins and the players.
By abiding to these rules you have been warned, neglecting these rules will result in to a BAN
or a Permanent BAN. Enjoy your time here!

Announcements and updates are posted on the links below!

Please join our Discord:
Check our forums:

Staff: Brubs (Brunimfca) - Owner/Programmer
Karim (Deadrise142) - Owner/Senior Admin

-In any form, do not verbally harass a player or a staff member.

-Leader/Kage positions will be taken away prior to inactivity.
A member of the village may challenge the current leader/kage
one time a day every 24 hours. An admin must be present.

-Asking for Admin/boosts/items are prohibited, they must be earned.

-REPORT any bugs or glitches that are in the game/ DO NOT abuse bugs.

-Attacking in the spawn/Killing near the spawn point or blocking a
spawn point is strictly prohibited.

-Avoiding jail/mute/ban avoid will be a swift ban.

-Avoid spamming/flooding the chat that includes copy/pasting. Doing so will
lead to being muted.continuously doing so will lead to severe punishment.

-If a staff member asks or tell you to do something, DO it. This rule was
established to cover any potential bug reports in the future.
-BAD cop GOOD cop, if an admin abuses powers please report via forums provided
in the Naruto New Beginnings HUB.

-Graphics(GFX) aka screens are made by Revenge (Youself1102). They are specifically
made for Naruto New Beginnings. All screens are patented to make sure no one copies
the work.

-We strongly suggest for all players/staff members to never harass/say racial statements/
any bullying of any sort. The game was made for the community to have fun it is not a place
for people to bash on others. Failure to do so will result in an even severe punishment.

-All icons of any sort are given credit to those who have made them. We only strive to
have a fun and create an enjoyable game for the community to enjoy.

Upon clicking agree, You are held accountable for your own actions in-game. We strongly suggest
reading through them before continuing.
this game is very nice!
cmon guys lets go play is the best naruto's server in byond!
The best game on byond !!!!
Hazama Also Told Me He Was DDOS'd.
The best game of byond
v Bullshit, A Moderator Edited His Statement And He Doesn't Talk Like That. And I Can See That The Owner Has Been Deleting Bad Comments Again. Worst Game On BYOND.
TBH the one that is most likely doing it is the one responsible for keeping the hype train going lol.

He should learn to deal with the negative people a little better.
Ikr. They Should Remove The Power Of Mods Being Able To Edit Posts On Their Hub.
lol hazz you fucking suck thats why royal no longer working with y`all
No one cares though. Royal either laughed, didn't do anything or complained. I never saw him once do his own work, just made other people do it for him.
Game down o.o?
Awful community filled with children who think they are better then you because they know how to play a game.

ban me if you want, do whatever. I'm done being harassed by the community.
other then that great game.
lol This Isn't The Real Version Of The Game, Its A False Version That Uses The Real One's Hub.
I think this nerd is jealous that his game is complete fucking garbage compared to any sort of NTFB Rip. We're not using the "real hub" because we didn't ask Matt about it so, we took it off. Not only that but it's the version that we're using until the Official server comes up. It's been approved by Sefi. You really need to stop crying, Bob.
Who's Crying? I Was Told The Fake NTFB Was Using The Real NTFB's Hub, lol. Because It Was. And We All Know As Soon As NTFB 3.0 Is Done, Sefi Will Remove Their Game From The Hub.
this game is good no doubt but u guys gotta clean up your Admin , i got threaten to be banned for "defending a faggot" as he claimed

i merely said the dude didn't ban avoid his byond pager was crashing , didn't argue , one sentence , literally didn't say anything else and he flipped out and pulled out the ban card tough titty i guess
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