Pokemon: Golden Thunder Realms™

by HatianMafiaJr
Pokemon: Golden Thunder Realms™
True creation, is, that which needs to be created. (staffs needed)
Welcome to the newest Pokemon game, this is a sequel to the well known Pokemon Black Thunder Realms.

Beware, this game will put your life on the happy, successful, confident and more life path.

This original creation has been brought to you by G.O.O.D Games.
Ps. A spiritual, emotional and inspiring adventure awaits you.
Cool. I am going to play it now. If you need some staff I will be glad to join.
As much as I wanted to try, when I clicked a link to go to your wiki and it pulled me to ad.fly I couldn't continue to play, so I spent no time in your game at all.
What the fuck is making this game 523MB? You're either sloppily throwing resources into your game or you've got full fucking soundtracks on there.
Its cool to see that there is gong to a squeal to B.T.R