Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Hello Byond. Some of you might have been aware of Land of Fire's existence for the past two months or so. As we actively allowed the community to help us build a fun game by providing feedback and helping track down nasty bugs that rear their ugly heads. But enough of My Ramblings I'll get on right into it.

For those of you who are just learning of the game; Land of Fire is an anime inspired Roleplaying game. It takes inspiration from several of our favorite things and makes an attempt at meshing them all together. The project started with the idea of being a quick project for a group of guys that haven't had all that much luck in publishing finished games.It was originally just a text based roleplaying game. Eventually the project basically became a personal test for us that would ultimately let us know if we should continue trying. This is a game we'd want to play and one that we'd hope to share with the community. Something fun that aims to keep our sanity in check.

Over the last three months We've managed to complete quite a bit. Our art direction for the game is fairly minimalist at best but in a way that at least ensures that the game has some visual appeal to it.

Right now it's still very bare bones and far from being a completed game. But we've been working tirelessly to have something playable. You can walk around, learn techniques and blow things up with fire or any of the other basic elements. There isn't a whole lot of interaction between player and the environment right now but we're hoping to fix that in the coming weeks. There's also not much character progression going on since you get everything free while we continue to test. Which are all open to the community to try out whenever!

Speaking of character progression we're aiming to have a non-linear method. One that involves around Passives, talents and skill trees. All that are fairly familiar mechanics.

Some shots of the Gui involved with buying some clan passives and skills. We hope that clans themselves would add a linear option for those who prefer that kind of character development. Outside of that- our main focus would be non clan affiliated characters which would be offer much more options than the specialized clans.

I'll fully explain the inner workings of these in another post but Essentially they'd function as traits of your character. Each one provides unique benefits that help suit different play styles. A huge focus for us is freedom to play the game the way you'd want to.

Outside of combat there's crafting and construction. Both involve going around, collecting materials and building whatever your heart desires- Or in this case whatever's currently made available to be built.

This feature is still in it's infancy and at this point is only available to a small group of people as we refine it a little bit more. When building a structure that can be entered it generates an instance. In the end we'd hope for this to become a core part of a player's experience in the game.
Here's a quick mockup of how crafting will ultimately work. You'd select an item to make from the list on the left and gather the required materials to make it. Fairly generic crafting system but we'll hopefully have something more interactive in the future.

There are a ton more stuff that this post didn't really cover but as the first actual dev log made for the game and I'm really trying my best not to write walls of text explaining everything we've done since work on the project has started.This is a little over month three and we've pretty proud of the progress we've made thus far.

Next week We'll have a more detailed look into how we're expecting character progression to work. Also I'm hoping to show some work on our newly redesigned GUI since what we have now is pretty much all 'programmer art.' And some other stuff that I'll drop in. I really do apologize for the length of this post. Hopefully the art included makes it tolerable.

Oh the game is hosted pretty frequently and feedback/constructive criticism is invaluable at this stage in development so If you haven't feel free to try out the game.

Disclaimer: The game is in very early stages of development. There will be bugs. There will be lag and as such these would not reflect the final product.
Awesome art, awesome progress and awesome features. Keep it up, this project looks outstanding!
Thank you. The encouragement is really appreciated!
I like it a lot bro, keep it up !
This looks impressive so far! Keep it up! (:
Looks like shit tbh, not enough parsers.

lol good shit.
nice job bro
This just might make me start playing Byond regularly again...Keep it up guys!!!