Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Hello BYONDers once again! Ishuri here back with another dev log and back to our posting routines!

This week I'll share some new things that were in the works for a while.

We're back again with a GIFt basket, so brace yourselves!

Crafting -

Currently inspired by Minecraft's crafting system, there will be additions included such as recipes and crafting time rather than having them instantly produced.

Furnacing -

Combat also received a nice update,

We're currently trying to make combat as dynamic as possible, it's starting to get there.

And to top it off, some water techniques!

The dev logs will start picking up next week as this week is my last week of work so stay tuned.
Very nice!
absolutely amazing, keep up the awesome work.
ya kno what urks me is how all these byonders go and make these nice fancy cool hud inventory systems and craft systems but noone ever friggin shares how the hell it's done
i just hope this isnt another byond game with pretty eye candy and features that just drops off into the void of never finishing like many other byond games
NND flopped due to multiple poor decisions. Not the least of which was their "mission" system with a basic-ass combat system for "training". Here's to hoping the past doesn't repeat.