Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Hello everyone. This week's update is pretty late due to my work schedule but I've managed to get enough time in to complete it. With land of fire's crafting system being finalized we've never gotten the opportunity to really explain how much of this plays into the game's core mechanics and design.

Land of fire is a game that takes inspiration from various anime. Despite this, we're still basing the general lore that surrounds the world on Japanese mythology and folklore. We're hoping to create a sandbox environment and personally we found the most immersive part of playing sandbox games were the joys of discovery. To create something new from common items not only brought new ways to play a game but it also brought satisfaction knowing that i have the option of playing the way I wanted to.

Moving on. in the art department we've been hammering away w/ some tiles and general environment construction.

New building sets. These were made for a new village but these also tie in with our construction system. You now have more building types you can possibly create. Mostly we're hopeful to have entire villages constructed and ran by players. To an extent of course.

Speaking of environments we've also been working on several different biomes though they are still in the WIP stages I can show a sneak peak of one of them in it's early stages of design. This would also give those who're interested in taking a look at our work flow.

This one here is inspired heavily by Avatar[the movie with the blue people] With it's blue forests and almost luminescent fauna. Here I tried to achieve something similar with a sorta teal orange pallet you see being abused in alot of movies these days. Mostly to achieve that vibrant look. This is still pretty early one but you can get a general feel for the atmosphere we're trying to achieve with this scene.

And finally These are some weapons and tools you can look forward to creating w/ the crafting system we've talked so much about.

In the programming area we're putting the finishing touches on our weapon smithing system. Here's a .gif of it in action!

So you can go mine, refine your ore and then take them to a black smith station to create a weapon you've unlocked the schematics for.

Schematics are literally blueprints for weapons[or other types of gear] that can be bought or found throughout the world. They range from D rank to S rank with D being common schematics and S being rare and unique schematics.

Well that wraps up what we've managed to accomplish this week. Next week we hope to fix some of the UI issues we've received some feedback on.
I really like the art style and palette you chose for the environment wip, it looks like it would fit perfectly with Transcend. Keep up the nice work!
I'll be honest I was inspired by transcend's color pallete! I couldn't for the life of me remember where the inspiration came from but now i do remember!
Bravo. Some very nice work here.
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Pixelcomet wrote:
I'll be honest I was inspired by transcend's color pallete! I couldn't for the life of me remember where the inspiration came from but now i do remember!

Ahh thank you that's really inspiring! :] You did an awesome job with it and given me some new ideas as well. If I didn't know how dedicated you were to this project I'd say you'd fit right in on Transcend. Once again keep up the awesome work!
I love when games, especially ones developed on byond focus a lot on how the environment looks like. I completely love the design of the buildings and the fact that you made multiple versions so there isn't a sense of repetition between each building. The second picture is also just as great, perhaps better. I love the mix of colours that blend together and given that I end up playing the game I wouldn't mind just simply walking around and admiring the art. I'm probably more excited about an crafting system that's been worked on a lot on byond more than anything else though, the system seems like something that a lot of people even outside the fan base would like.

You've done a great job <3
Thank you! We've put alot of time and effort into this project and hoping for we'll be able to enjoy it with other people too. Threse dev logs have really helped us stay focussed on smaller objectives as we hope to peice together a finished game.
you could shoot a cannon through that gap
Those hip bones are unreal!