Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
The Balance is a pretty significant topic of Rising Tide and the general consensus is that the Balance is always something that should be considered a basic part of the roleplay. With the addition of missions giving a decent amount of points again, it's about time the balance is updated appropriately.

How? In future wipes, all Hollow characters will receive a boost to every stat depending on the balance; they are 10% weaker for every 100 Purified Hollow Kills there are, and 10% stronger for every 100 Unpurified Hollow Kills there are. This should allow for some interesting developments over the course of the wipe, and it actually moves the Balance from being purely verbal to being something that can actually significantly affect your characters!

As is, Hollow are capable of manipulating the Balance from their realm without having to worry about any threat from the Shinigami; this is not the case next wipe, as only Hollow Kills made on Earth will count to Balance manipulation. Hopefully these new mechanics will encourage more roleplay and encourage more of a conflict between the three races.

EDIT: To clarify, strength is only gained/loss for a difference of 100.

300 Purified 450 Unpurified
= 15% Stronger Hollows

450 Purified 300 Unpurified
= 15% Weaker Hollows

300 Purified 300 Unpurified
= No Change
Does this mean NPCs will be moved from Hueco Mundo? It may be hard to code for only a certain map to effect the balance, wouldn't it?
NPCS will remain in Hueco Mundo and Soul Society; only Hollow kills made on the Earth map will influence the balance.