Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.

Hello! This week's devlog covers what we've been working on last week. This is a little late since I've been celebrating my birthday recently(yesterday!)That and the recent release of Blade and soul which I've been playing with some friends.

For the most part with our recent crafting additions we've turned our focus back towards the combat system we're developing. So far the basic mechanics are pretty simple as we continue to build upon what we've already had. Visually and functionally.

Now you can also perform a charge attack by holding the attack button for a certain amount of time.(The type of charge attack performed would vary depending on the type of weapon equipped but for testing purposes It's a spin slash for now.)

Meanwhile, J and myself have been working on adding a little bit of life to the rather sterile world we've been building. This means new tiles and some NPC animations.

Remember last week's preview? This is basically what came of it and we're all generally happy with the results.

Some rock formations. If you look closely you can see figures etched into the rock faces.
A bridge. Though it's random I do really like the way it came out.

We're all eagerly anticipating the release of 510 for the Plane master feature addition. We're hoping to do away with the nasty overlapping shadows that has plagued us since development started. Hopefully this would allow us to acheive a more polished look for the game. If you aren't familiar with what I mean you can see the overlapping shadows in the screenshot below.

In other news, We've started showing the game outside of byond. If you've been following our development this far We've set up a Tumblr page That we're going to be updating a lot more frequently than this page here.

If you are a casual or even extreme Tumblrer, be sure to follow us for daily updates on our development!
Awesome job once again! I'm really digging the environment work your artist is doing; the attacks were pretty cool too. On a side note, nice job getting a tumblr going even though it seems to redirect to the BYOND forums right now. When are you guys expecting some sort of demo or public release?
Thank you! The link is fixed now, thanks for the heads up! We've been holding off on a public test until 510 is release because it fixes a lot of the issues we're having.
That said we don't really have a set release date we're working towards. This month makes five months of development and so far we think we've gotten alot done in that time frame.

For now though, we're expecting to demo the game within a month, maybe two. There are still a lot for us to do in terms of mechanics.