Hogwarts: A History

by SHSPlyr03
Hogwarts: A History
The most successful Harry Potter game on BYOND
Hello and welcome back to Hogwarts: A History! It's been a while since I was in charge of the game (about five years) but I know you all have had the chance to play a bit here and there. But I got bored and nostalgic one day so it's back up to see how it does! I'll be making changes as the people demand them but don't expect a ton of them all right now. Come and join in the fun!

Here's the old hub..

This is the original Hogwarts: A History
Source was previously released without owners permission and without authority, this is the one and only original Hogwarts: A History.

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Scorpius - Hub Icon and banner; coding contributions
Logan - Programming contributions.
Dion - Programming; icon contributions.
Max Quickstaff - Programming; icon contributions.
Orion - Programming; icon contributions.

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