Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Hello Byondlings We're back with another Dev log. Some of you may have noticed that we skipped doing a dev log last week. This was because with the release of 510 we wanted to explore the new features a little bit more.

In art area of development we've continued work on adding more environments into the game. This week's focus has mostly tuned onto a village in the game that is literally built into massive trees. We're hoping to make use of parallax backgrounds to achieve a certain look.
Here's a little preview of our work in progress:

We're hoping the problem with big icons disappearing when they're at the edge of your screen will be resolved by the time we get around to implementing this.

J has spent this week working on some NPC animations!

Some weird stuff is going on with the gifs, working to reupload them in abit.

Ishuri has been messing around with the new features that came with 510. He's trying his hand at dynamic lighting. Which may or may not make it into the actual game.. Maybe.

With the 510 update. We've seen a HUGE performance boost in Land of Fire. You can actually tell the game is at 60fps now

(Left: 509 Right: 510)

here's another blessing that came with 510:
Shadows no longer overlap. Though this was mainly an aesthetic problem it does give us a little bit more confidence showing the game outside of this community. This is a pretty early iteration as we work out the layering issue seen here!
:o my mouth dropped... Is your artist for sale? This is exactly what I had in mind for the art style in Transcend. This is really coming together nicely, keep up the awesome work.
Thanks. Was hoping to post alot more but this week hasn't been all that productive, admitedly.

I do some commissions from time to time.
Game's looking fantastic so far! I'm really looking forward to how that village is going to play out. Hopefully the parallax background will be nailed! It would really add to the scene visually.
Why are all visually appealing byond games rp this is racism!
The project started as a pure rp game. We've since shifted gears to more of a sandbox experience. Meaning youll be free to play the game however you like.. Be it pvp or rp