Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Hello everyone! Ishuri back again with yet another GIFt basket for you all this week. I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day!

I'm proud to share that this week is our 10th devlog, showing 10 weeks of consistancy with sharing updates, and many more to come!

I'd like to kick this one off with some new footage, this time properly recorded! I was joined by Pixelcomet, SulLight and Soloren this time! We display some more combat and this time show off some secondary weapon usage as we throw around some kunais.

Currently, secondary weapons are supposed to do a lot more in terms of charging/ricochet mechanics, and hopefully I'll be able to complete those in time to showcase them next week.

At this point we have begun planning a path to release, although it's not fully clear yet, we've decided that it would be essential to start off with completing the tutorial. With this out of the way, our road to completion will open up as we begin to ask, "What should players face once they complete this?". With that, SulLight has been working on finishing up the task of NPCs. Each one will be able to interact with both the players publically and privately with individuals. They will each be assigned a task to you teach you the basics of the game, from combat to crafting to socializing.
Here's some sneak peaks of what SulLight has cooking up!

Aside from that, if you've been keeping up with our Tumblr , you probably caught our posts showing some of the new upcoming enemy (or friendly) AIs that you will begin encountering in your journey. Here's some of what we've been posting the past week!

Do note, that this is only a sample of what we have in store for NPCs at the moment! (maybe hopefully soon I'll get permission to reveal the bigger stuff!)

Speaking of social media, we recently linked our Twitter account to our Tumblr page! So if you're not a heavy Tumblr user, but you have an active Twitter account going on, it would mean a million if you !

As the game progresses, Pixelcomet and SulLight have began polishing the base. Although I can't really show much of it this week as it's still not ready to be shown, I was cleared to share the new death/ko animation!

That's pretty much it for this week, we'll be seeing you all next week!
Been silently following this game for a minute now.

However... my interest started at the art and ended with the gameplay. Put simply, combat seems to be a modified version of Spirit Age's system (boring).

What I've seen of this game's combat so far is much of the same: a lot of button mashing with no real engagement or responsiveness. Engagement equates to running around and mindlessly spamming the attack command, occasionally breaking away to shoot a skill that moves super fast, almost ensuring a hit in most cases.

Skills look nice in terms of art, but that's all they seem to offer when I halfway expected more -- like for that large water skill to actually leave water, or for the earth spikes to cause a knock-up (or something). No variation at all. The game also seems to run at what I consider an insane speed, making it hard to enjoy combat's aesthetics since you barely see what's going on.

In short, I feel as if all this game has to offer is above-average sprites and a nice UI. Combat comes off as very basic in an un-fun kind of way; bland or stale is also accurate.

I do understand that the game is still in early stages though, so there is still room for improvement. But will it be improved? Or is this the extent of team SA's capabilities? Only time will tell.

Much luck to you all.
Thanks for the well written input, I completely agree with everything you said thus far. hopefully this will jog our coder's belief of what players actually want in a combat system. We've (Pixel and I) have been working closely with Ishuri to make sure the combat is no where near SA, he hasn't implemented any new combat systems that Pixel and i came up with yet, but i insure you it wont be mindless bashing of the key's ( bashing of the mouse is a different story XD ). I'm looking more towards a combat like the ninja storm franchise, with combos, counters, and dodging of said combos (when it comes to close range attacks). I would love for more people to give us more reply post like these so we can better the combat (or anything for that matter) in the game or provide anything they would like to see when it comes to videos :3
P.S. i freaking suck at grammar, have mercy,i tried my best ;__;
OH! and sure we'll make a new video that actually breaks down how the combat will work or how we will like it to work, WITH commentary lol ty all!
Have been silently following your blogs since November - once the game's out I'll be back on Byond.

It's essential to have situational and controlling Jutsus. There are 2 kind of Jutsus:
1. Full power Jutsus - shifting all the chakra into damage
2. Utility Jutsus - trading off damage for other effects

What do I mean by that?
Shooting a fireball should hurt very hard but it has to be very unlikely to hit. While shooting a homing fireball is easier to hit, it should also deal less damage.

Then there are Jutsus that bind the enemy. Like a waterprison that does marginal damage over time but has the primary focus of stopping the target and being able to shoot your high-damage-hard-to-hit fireball.
These Jutsus like the waterprison should have some room for counterplay. For example using a Cloning Jutsu just before the Jutsu, or Kawarmi outside of it. Or simply pressing a button for a long time (channeling the Jutsu break) and depending on your stats you might break free.
The more complex the Jutsus are: Shadow bind -> Water Prison -> Tsukoyomi the harder it is to break free once caught.

Also add slowing Jutsus to every element - these can be counterplayed by using a Jutsu from the opposite element.

Then there's also blinding Genjutsus, damage amplifying Jutsus (using wind before a firestrike, using Genjutsu etc.), clones that attack on their own but use a big chunk of chakra with every attack etc.

What you need in short:
A more diverse combat experience. Running around for hours and mindlessly shooting Jutsus should not be the aim. You should try to setup traps, slow or freeze your enemy to follow that up with a disgustingly awesome damage combination.

But since this game is at the beginning I'm pretty sure you've already thought of that. Can't wait to see :)

- If you need any ideas for potential gameplay mechancics/ Jutsus ... I'll be around
Ishuri has played nff, LONG ENOUGH, to know what we as players expect from a naruto game, as for the other programmers... To get an idea I recommend you try out other naruto games on byond, but mostly nff. Despite their lack of aesthetics, updates and lack of balance, the competitiveness of the game is definitely up there, but after spending so much time on that game, I need something better !

But I don't want to piggy back off word for word, what everyone else said, however, Utilizing your mouse in combat is the BEST INNOVATION in the combat system you currently have, also the icons for aiming should be changed, smaller but easier to see, I'm assuming the long arrow is still a placeholder.

Furthermore, Combat is a bit fast paced, and that lightning teleportation jutsu that allows you to SWIFTLY dash towards another direction, should probably be slowed down, or changed to a blur effect or make it seem as though there are SPeed Clones behind the person dashing...

Innate abilities that "CHANGE" your combos, as what Shellfisch mentioned, to go along with his jutsu ideas, For instance, by activating a sharingan, jutsus slow down when they get within a specific rang of an uchiha to give them time to react, etc etc.

But by having different effects, we can improve gameplay DRAMATICALLY , maybe even some Hitbox animations so that when you get hit, your character is a little stunned bfore you can move again, kind of like street fighter. etc etc.

I would love to tweak this essay and perfect it to grammatical standards and better explain myself, But I think you guys already know what needs to be done.

What I really wanna say is keep up the good work, You promised us an innovative game on BYOND and I hope we're gonna get it.
Been loving the feedback guys! Things are going to change drastically by the next devlog! Look out for more news!
YES! YES! I LOVE IT! MORE! MORE! i love the feed back, thanks a lot!
and Yut Put
TuT love you all
Feedback, Me as Admin, Event coordinator :D
PVP match movie suck. This was much better