Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
I let my friend on my computer and i had to go down stairs then for about 30 mins i went outside with this friend. When i got back there was an admin saying hes banning me. I asked why? and he said for killing and for not responding to PMs ( while i was afk) I had a look in chat to see if this was true and my friend must have killed people i said it was my friend and i apologise for what he has done. he then said now your lying to staff and that makes it 5 days then he banned me. this was unfair and shows how this admin is not right to ban people for this reason. I hope someone will see this and understand that i should be unbanned. Thanks for reading
Many legitimate offenders are spinning the same tale. Do you have any proof that would set you apart?
Hello, i was playing in apollo station and my friend who whas new just have entered the server his name was Isaac Memelord and his username is Mgs_lalilulelo. The situation is this one: I was hitting him whit a deck of cards, that we tested and deal no damage at all, we were laughing a lot, but then i was banned for griefing, and i think its unfair, so i will like to be unbanned please.
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I can confirm this, we were joking and he was hitting me with a harmless deck of cards. I didn't mind at all.
I was playing a fallout 13 server and I and my brother are banned because we had the same ip veins we were just building a house is the desert