Covert's Global Assault

by Covertsuperx
Covert's Global Assault
A Global Domination Game
Join and play this new interactive global domination game. Become president of the country of your choosing if you are the first to reside in that country or vote for president every four years. Help your country buy growing crops, sell your crops and help build a defensive wall around your country with cannons. Each crop is automatically taxed and the president will build the defensive needs of your country. When your country is ready, you can begin to conquer the world. Ally other countries and work together to create global harmony. Tame wild animals and make them your pets.. They can protect your crops, you and even attack other players. Tame as many animals as you like and create and army of pets. Be an angel or a demon. Ascend to the next level and power up to be the best.

The possibilities are endless. We will be adding new moves and features with each update.
Woot Woot!!! Coverts Global Assault! I have been waiting for this game to go live!!!
About time!