Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
when it comes to clans, we dont really have an idea. Clans will be changed up with new abilities or hidden jutsus or even removed all together to make way for a new idea, some might get nerfed (lets be honest though LOL the only clan that will get nerf would be Uchihas to an extent) it all depends on what we come up with in the end. As i said before, we'll probably make a post so you guys can post your ideas on clans, how they should be change, or any original clan ideas you guys might come up with.

p.s. uchihas will most likely not get taken out since its just a wonderful idea, getting powers by betraying , trying to protect, or just watching a friend die is just fantastic. None the less the only nerfs i can see them receiving -in my opinion- would probably be them not being able to get eternal mangekyou, damage , susanoo defense... >_> who knows, <_< seriously though uchihas have the potential to have so much.
Theres probably another clan that has the same problem, we'll see what happens :3
WOW not being able to get eternal MS is just ummmm idk how to say it, not a good idea? I do agree that it needs to be nerfd to some extent, but taking out their main jutsus, idk. Unless you ment its a possibility that some uchihas won't be able to get EMS at all, while others will be able to get it. Then by all means do that.

What i would also like to see are other clans such as hyuuga with byakugan and tenseigan or even sage mode.

All in all its up to you guys, and the fans im guessing, just keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next devlog.
p.s. hyuugas are similar to uchihas to some extent when getting the tenseigan, since hyuugas needs the byakugan eyes of another clan member to gain the tenseigan. I think thats how the process goes, please correct me if im wrong.
This is all my opinion, what ever happens in the end happens, Uchihas dont have to even be put in the game( but it will be just like hyuugas most likely).

Hmm.. When it comes to no one getting ems, i would probably make it so they all technically have it, being that they can spam there skills till they die. EMS (correct me if im wrong) just prevents you from eventually losing you eyesight from using MS, also removes any draw backs from using MS, which is just... lol... it just turns MS, this special thing, into bankai's or super saiyan <_< >_> and what i mean about that is, that those who do have it will always use it from the start of the fight to the end ( if they feel like it). what i would suggest is that they can only use their skills ( MS skills susanoo and what not) for a short period of time before they hit a wall. That being they'll blow a lot of chakra keeping MS open and their screen will start to fog up(they start to go blind) -TEMPORALLY- , so in the end using those type of jutsus would be more of a super saiyan 3 mode where you only have a certain amount of time to -DISH OUT HUGE AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE (if you can land it and depending on your eye type) OR/AND TANK A TON OF DAMAGE- before you completely rek your body once you revert to normal.
- Everythign i said, was just my opinion on the matter, it its not written in stone. Feel free to add what you think about the matter :3
p.s. devlog coming up soon (O u O) cant wait !!
All Op Clans. Anything Involving Immobilation, Mind Control, Chakra Drain, and the ability to copy ANY and EVERY Jutsu to the level of proficiency as long as it's not kekkai genkai or kekkai touta.

So basically, Uchiha, Hyuuga, Aburame, Yamanaka, Spider.
Thoughts on Clans:

Clans are an essential part of "ninja" video games, because we've all been exposed to Naruto; we basically expect every future "NINJA" game in the edo time period fused with a little modern day technology, to have some form of Clan &/Or Special Ability.

I too would love to see Clans, or SPECIALIZATIONS, Bloodline Traits in said game. I spoke on balance before, There is always a balance; obtaining ms should be reasonable and available to ALL Uchiha; this game is most-likely going to be an MMO and it wouldn't necessarily wipe as often, nor would it be 100% fair if everyone DIDN"T at least have the Chance to obtain said M.S.

Don't pull that nff nonsense and make things a secret, all you would be doing is creating a circle-jerk fest, whereas your gameplay should focus on reviving the livelihood of byond; Troll-Fee environment.

Cause then people and their homeboys gon come through a village, wreak some havoc and dipset, knowing all the tricks, all the secrets, and then you have players who will NEVER figure out how to get shit done, cause all the swole people kept the secrets to themselves. LOL.

Mangekyou Sharingan:

To instill a more roleplay countermeasure into the game, Decide which SPECIFIC Mangekyou's get which moves, then decide Which method of play style that will allow you to learn a specific category of Mangekyou Sharingan.

For example, by killing 10-40 uchiha players (or more), you can unlock itachi, obito, etc MS. By training and unlocking your eyes through hard work and being lucky, will get you Madara or His Brother MS. Most of these MS have preset moves anyway, they are all capable of creating a Susano'o as well as casting Izanagi and possibly Izanami.. I believe? Regardless, I don't expect those two skills to make it into the game because nothing in this game should be a 1hit KO, Maybe close, but never actually a 1 hit K.O.

I feel as players we should to some degree know, what type of uchiha we want to be, whether ninjutsu/genjutsu/taijutsu etc etc; therefore give us different types, similar skills but different types. I could give you ideas all day, <--Brainstorming Wiz. To confuse people however, I would name the MS's names that tie in with the characters but sound ninja-like, for example: Crow (Genjutsu Based MS), Flower (Ninjutsu Based MS), Living Corpse (Genjutsu Based MS), Detonation (explosion ninjutsu based MS), and put them in the category they belong. Detonation , meaning being able to ignite something into flames by lookin at it, etc, so sasuke basically.

Thoughts on EMS:

It should be obtainable through Normal Means. Medic, Taking another Uchiha with MS; just like the show. But I would be fine with the game not HAVING EMS anyway. That could cause alot of rage if someone works hard to get their eyes, goes afk and someone come up and kill em and take their eyes... Now you have a salty player that wanna quit. Put drawbacks on for USING MS, but they shouldn't be permanent. For example, give MS a long cooldown, so when it deactivates, they have to wait 2 minutes before they can use it again, or make it so that the uchiha can't use chakra for a while, OR you can nerf their damage or speed for a period of time, even make them take more damage for 10-20 seconds like they do in ninja storm.

Mangekyou Sharingan Performance:

When you obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan, it's obvious that you are going to be able to perform regular jutsuas well as other jutsus; there should be a prompt that allows you to make different hotkey slots that switch out automatically for special transformations, for example when you activate Susano'o, it's already a super powerful shield, as well as a heavy hitter from physical and chakra based attacks.. that's a Super Saiyan power-up in itself.

So instead of giving Susano'o 10 hotkey slots, give it 5, and give it a preset moves based on the eye power. For example:

1.Chakra Beads (magatama - whatever they call).

2.Susano'o Aura (Damage Absorption Shield-allowing the damage Susano'o takes to lower from the person's chakra pool instead of vitality. Susano'o should Nerf all jutsu and physical damage by 50-75% anyway based on the mastery/skill-points allotted)

3.Susano'o Charge (Gap Closer Jutsu, allowing Susano'o to rush/lunge/leap/dash at an enemy far away.)

4.Susano'o Guard Breaker (Breaks the guard of an enemy, forcing them to stun. If the enemy doesn't block, then the damage shouldn't hit too much, it should just send the enemy flying backwards, kind of like he brushed him off.)

5.Susano'o Elemental Ninjutsu (This jutsu should be a Susano'o infused ability based on the element of CHOICE. FOr example, Sasuke's Enton jutsu that he uses through Susano'o.)

Those could be 5 of the abilities used by Susano'o. I'm Sure those jutsus would take some time to make, but be creative, I wouldn't mind if Susano'o created a fire sword for the fire element and did damage, plus burn damage to enemies, I wouldn't mind if it created a spinning tornado around itself and sent it flying forward pushing back anyone in his way. Nor would I mind if the big guy slammed the earth so hard that it sent a wave of rocks and dirt hurdling toward his enemies, or a Giant water-crafted whip that he'd beat someone with. In fact, give him a Lightning Bolt Shotgun jutsu, like spirit shotgun from yu yu hakusho but with lightning bolts, raiton, might look kind of swank.

Of course it would take time, But I think if you segment the Susano sprites like you did the base icon, You can mix and match the parts of susano, so players could customize their Susano'os' head, arms, and color, maybe if you have the time, their torso.

The skeletal Susano'o looks good, but i'm sure people would like to see the finalized susano'os. So give players the basic Susano'o in the color of their choice for regular M.S. and then when they get EMS let them kind of customize how they want it to look as they progress. You can add small accessories, kinda like the housing system ya'll have, that would be amazing, since it's a sandbox. MOST sandboxes LACK the ability to customize, Uchiha as a whole is a cash cow for you guys to explore, and your fanbase is huge just stating that you have them in the game lmfao.

Conclusion: to my understanding you guys have ALOT of good programmers and artists on your squad, I'm sure you can make this happen, not all at one time, but you can pick and choose what you like. If you are really in need of suggestions though.. is my skype, add me and i'll give you my ideas for different clans, etc etc.

Again, we appreciate your interest in the game and feedback!
Let's see where to begin. There's a lot of talk about uchihas and subsequently clans as a whole. Let me say this, the art required for most of the clans available is already done. These were done before the game direction was changed.

The reason I'm holding off on answering any questions about clans is because We're not fully sure how they'd mesh with our current game without the potential for running into legal issues. I can almost guarantee though that fans of the anime will be pleased with what we have in store.
keep it coming =T u T= (ideas and posts that is )
You said you were gonna change the names, Go For it Bro. Change up the abilities too. EMS doesn't have to exist in the universe. I'd prefer you changed the names and abilities too. That way you can LEGAL take DONATIONS -cough-
TAking away EMS is basically taking away sage mode or even rasengan for naruto/jaraiya, byakugan for hyuuga, etc. It would kill the most fan favorited clan in game. It would mean uchiha wouldnt be as good as a clan. In this im saying they would have MS and be going blind, haaving no way to stop it.

They may not incorporate BLINDNESS.. so it's like getting ems right off the bat. That's what im saying. lol
What happens if someone take your eyes and just completely overwhelms you in combat prowess and they just snatch and attach your eyes. Now they have ems and you can't even activate sharingan. What'll you do.
I'm not sure if it's right to give Uchihas that much content. Why would they need Mangekyou in first place?
Sharingan should be primarily used for Genjutsu and for meele fighting.

Naurto Goa was the most succesful Naruto themed game on Byond and it didn't favor Uchihas at all. That's why there was a HUGE diversity in chosen clans and combat styles.

I would pledge for a balanced game without Mangekyou, Tailed beast tranformation etc.
Keep the clans as fair and simple as you can. Don't flood the game with Jutsus and traits.

I prefer simple games that offer:
a) easy ways to learn for new players
b) comparable and fair game balance
c) hard to master

- Copy right related:
as long as the game doesn't hit big player counts there's no need to worry. By that I mean 1000+ players.
GOA "was" successful for a short time. I wonder where it is now. I can relate to sakimura idea a bit, but i'm still skeptical about it with the MS and EMS.

But for you to say to take out MS entirely is without a doubt the dumbest idea i would have to say.

What you are saying about balancing the game by allowing uchiha to only have sharingan for a boost, that would probably be the only boost they would have is what your trying to say. keep in mind that uchihas can't use any susano'o forms or other abilites like amaterasu in normal sharingan.

I don't know how your trying to preach balance, when your trying to take out the uchiha's main abilities in the game. I'm assuming you want hyuugas not to have byakugan next, no offense. p.s. "a) easy way to learn for new players" i'm assuming you mean you want any new players to become over power or atleast good at the game the easiest way possible; it is most likely there will be guides and tutorials for new coming players. Thanks guys keep up the argument I love to debate. :3
P.s. Sharingans varies in primary uses.
-Sasuke/Madara: Nin>Tai>Gen
-Itachi/Shusui: Gen>Nin>Tai
-Obito: Tai>Nin>Gen
-Izuna: Unknown

This is why the MS was implemented, to show the different abilities these individuals excelled in.
MS doesn't have to follow any IN-GAME or IN-SHOW criteria, the mangekyou sharingans they give you could be totally unknown.

I dont mind people having MS so long as it's balanced, I probably won't pick an uchiha anyway. Not for my first character.

But he does have a point when he says that goa forced players to pick other clans, regardless, it was only successful for a while... But I dont think it's downfall was in the lack of uchiha content. lol

Call me the neutral party, I like and dislike both of your point of views, But i'm sure this team can make a game and make it effective.

Shell, I'm sure you've seen the content for hyuugas, naras, and akimichi's that they posted in a previous devlog. look at the amount of content and diversity in those skilltrees.
I never said its downfall was the lack of uchiha content, sorry if it seemed that way.

If EMS was implemented as long as its balance and fair would you be alright with that also?
Personally, I prefer clanned content, but I would also love for the clan-content to be original, maybe even SIMILAR to that of the show.
Yes, if it's fair it would be alright, or preferred. I'd love to see it in the game even if I dont use it lol
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