Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Thank you lmao, that's all I wanted to see you say . :3
what hes saying is that it doesnt need to be in the game to be a good game, lol
it doesn't but its preferred to be in the game.
Once we cross that bridge we'll decide on what we should do, Like i stated before though..
EMS will not be in the game ( In my opinion ) It shouldnt be at least, not the way they have it in the show.
In the show EMS washes away draw backs to MS, which i always hated because it turned EMS into the uchihas main arsenal. Every time i look back saskue or madara are just blowing their respective ms abilities all over the place, and thats the last thing i want to see in a game lol...
Now granted it "took" some struggling to reach that power (not really) but its still something that really cant be balanced, i think. Unless you just give it to everyone :D . I explained earlier that i wanted ms to never completely and permanently make you blind, but you slowly fog up your screen to a point in which it will stay like that for a short amount of time. Your screen reaching the peek of fogging up will auto turn off your sharigan / ms.
thats just what i think.
we'll see what happens
So your saying in a fight between an Uchiha with MS and any other clan whose boost will be permanent, Uchihas will have a big disadvantage. As you put it Uchihas boost will be temporary ( Keep in mind uchihas cant use any other boost such as susano'o without MS/EMS). On top of that uchihas will be blinded in the duration of the battle against our perma boost opponent. Then after a certain amount of time,, uchihas will lose the boosts after awhile, giving the opponents a big advantage, unless you don't give MS any type of c/d. O_O j/s correct me if i'm wrong.
They can't really answer that question currently, simply because we ourselves as players don't know what other boosts they will have in the game.

they haven't talked about, nor showcased any Raikage Mode, nor any bijuu transformations. So we can't say.

Regardless, what he's saying is that, not just MS but all transformations, I'm sure will have drawbacks to some degree .
We'll see I guess.
And UCHIHAS can use all their techniques with regular MS, the difference is , MS has more drawbacks compared to that of EMS.
But what he's talkin about is that, YOU AS AN UCHIHA that has unlocked the mangekyou... YOU WILL have MS..But there will be drawbacks to using that power more often than not.
I would like to see other clans jutsus and boost to determine if EMS is rightly being taking out or not that is the bottom line.

And where you say that all jutsus can be used with MS, that is where you are wrong, uchihas cant obtain the perfect susano'o without EMS.
Hmm Uchihas can obtain senju cells and eternally heal their eyes preventing them from getting blind.(OBITO's Case)

Something I could be happy with.
think of it this way, uchihas already have a boost, its called the fully matured sharingan, that alone has a wide range of jutsus and abilities. MS (the way i want it to work) would be a finale trans. that will give them a Bigger boost for a temp. amount of time with a draw back, almost like a trump card. Gates, inazukas-two headed dog, and butterfly mode are all good examples to a trans that give you a greater boost for a limited amount of time with a draw back, all of which have an advantage over someone else before dishing out the trans. For example, akimichis are naturally stronger than the average person, inazukas have their sense of smell, claws and youre basically in a two v one all the time pfft. The sharingan alone ( if it follows the show ) has a huge advantage over tai users and gen users, hell they even copy jutsus.
To let them spam their MS jutsus without any repercussions would be irresponsible of us
So what about the c/d after MS is auto turned off?
no idea, up for discussion, but it will be the same or close to the c/d of using things like butterfly mode, gates and such
dude, they not a naruto game. they are a ninja-based game. if they copy naruto and try to make money PERIOD then that's copyright infringement lawsuits lol
No one is suggesting to copy anything this is just a discussion about boost, nerfs and whatever else.

Okay Sull i'm good now i will see how much i like it when the game is completed.
Well only way to buff is to debuff while buffing or to buff in a way that the game doesn't become overpowered.

Like if they have a passive called senju enlightenment, that could be an innate passive that increases their healing speed by 10-30% or something. Yeah I can see that. but it has to coexist with already in game precautions. hah
I think this is getting a bit out of hand.
Keep in mind that this game probably won't release anytime soon.
And it's great to have personal preferences towards naruto (I'm also very much in favor of Uchihas) but we need to see what's best for the game. If we went 1:1 from naruto then be sure that akimichi, aburame, nara, inuzka etc. have no chance against Uchihas or Uzumaki. Hell, even an army of them wouldn't stand a chance.

Furthermore keep in mind that we only give input. While every decision is to be made by the development team. And from what I've seen I'm pretty sure they are giving it their best.
i was just giving him an example lol
In response to Shellfisch
thats not true my friend you many people were taught inzagi and inzami
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