Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
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Dope; I can dig it.

Alienx26 said:
most but all? i cant tell if your saying that your gonna complete the game or finsh half of it

If you read what he said in relation to your post, it's pretty clear; he's saying Land of Fire is not part of your generalization of most games.

That remains to be seen. I do hope this project doesn't become one of those though.
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oh is that so i really do want this game to be finished too dont get me wrong but there was lots of games announced for byond and yes they posted daily updates but then one day they stopped why do you think they did that? maybe cause they dont finish

heres a couple to get this game motivated to finish their game severedworldmmorpg?tab=pics#tab=index (not sure about this one) SSO?tab=index (this ones for sure) (never heard of this one but im sure its in the list) (another one) TranscendT?tab=pics#tab=index (ooh this ones looked epic but too bad theres no more news for it)

well i think you got my point right?
i really hope this game gets finished and when it does its going to be great
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While we are aware of Severed World's likelihood to succeed, aside from that and Transcend, nothing else on that list is even remotely motivating. I should also mention that we have our OWN source of motivation. Not including just trying to get an amazing game out there because it's in our niche, we're going to finish this game because we're already neck deep, and we're doing what we love.
In response to Ishuri
hell yeah you are and i love that motivation thats keeping you up to finish that game and i wish you good luck bro
No clans taken from the anime? Man, i was really looking forward to spamming Sharingan
That's correct. While this isn't a naruto game we do want to keep the essence of our inspiration alive-- So we'll come up with something that'll hopefully give you the same amount of satisfaction.
Gods work
In response to Pixelcomet
its not a naruto game? weird i thought it was kinda like that sword art online game that some people from byond were making but then they said it wasnt sword art online
When the game concept was originally brought forward it was to be a pure roleplaying naruto game. As development moved forward the game's concept evolved each time it moved alittle bit closer to being somewhat original. We aren't afraid to say that the game is inspired by Naruto and other anime, but at the same time we are trying to incorporate original concepts and ideas. So in short, Inspired by Naruto.
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Shadowmurger wrote:
No clans taken from the anime? Man, i was really looking forward to spamming Sharingan

That's exactly what i wasn't looking forward to as well xD. Seeing a bunch of Uchihas and Hyuugas is meh
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oh okay i see
It bothers me that the letters "A","S","D" are in caps and "w" isn't.
Huh, never noticed that. The letters are still placeholder graphics so I'll definately remember to fix those when it update those.
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just noticed lol
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