Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
20th devlog here, this marks 20 weeks of updates and I gotta say I am happy with the development pace! We've actually been developing the game for over 20 weeks and we're coming close to a year now, but I won't say when yet :P


For a while now, Zane has had his sights on adding features to the game that would enhance your play experience by more than just a great feeling combat system. One that has been brought up numerous times since nearly the beginning of development was a Fast Travel system. Fast Travel systems are essential in open world games, and with the route we originally had, our maps were going to be HUGE. With the new hand drawn maps, they still will be, and a Fast Travel system will need to couple it. After doing much research on how other MMOs handled their Fast Travel, I noticed a lot of them were incredibly simple and boring. Most just opened up a window with a menu and buttons and you just select where you wanna go and some divine light that you seem to have infinite access to just throws you in and it's just so UGH. We've decided to make it a little more lively and in control of the player while fitting to the shinobi theme. Certain points will send you to an area filled with trees where you can press a designated button that will speed you up in the process. Pressing nothing or getting the button presses incorrect will get you there at regular speed. In the meanwhile you can try your hand a multi tasking because you'll be able to shoot shurikens at obstacles and item pick ups.

Here's a gif of where Fast Travel is currently.

There's a lot that can come from a system like this such as races against others. Or if ever that corporate greed kicks in, Fast Travel Grinding System. I'm kidding about that last part. We'd love to hear your thoughts of the current Fast Travel system though.


SulLight has a very important character Yokai in the works. You'll be seeing this Yokai in the tutorial, but I won't reveal too much about him this week.

Here's some design concepts in the work you can check out!


We've started remaking our website last week, complete with all standard features. We're currently working on adding in our forums and uploading some clips and pictures of gameplay. The website should launch sometime next week or the following week.

There's a lot that will be changed from this picture before launch, but this is where it currently stands.

A personal Note from me -
I felt like sharing some thoughts as this is our 20th devlog.
April is closing in, and the completion of the game gets clearer with every devlog. Since our 1st devlog to now, we've gotten a tremendous amount done, and it makes me happy looking at how stable the progress of the game is. I have high hopes for the month of May, as we're going to be finishing up the tutorial with it's scenes, battles and features. I look forward to sharing the upcoming experience with you guys as we have since the beginning. And as always, we love hearing your feedback so POST IT! See you all next week!
We've incorporated more base nakedness by special request, Empirez team. Enjoy.
Though I feel like it's early for a fast-travel system and there are more important things you guys' time could be spent on this early in development, it's pure dope.

Also, Yokai are demon ninja I'm guessing? I must have missed where that was explained.
nah, there hasnt been explanation for Yokais out yet. but you can think of them as evil spirits/demons, theyre not ninjas xD though
In response to SulLight
Ah, sorta like Tengu. Gotcha.
Looks very promising.

As for the fast travel - will there be interactions with your team? for example triggering different events when traveling as 3.
how is fast traveling going to interact with the combat system? can you escape a fight by using it?
can you block these traveling points for a small duration with certain jutsus? for example fire jutsus?

for your next devlog i would also like to hear about your current character progression ideas. do you have some finalised ideas? how do you train your ninja, do you have to decide on 1 path to persue - or can you kind of train and do everything? are there bloodlines and how would they affect your journey through the game? do missions and quest shape your character? can you do every mission or are there "either mission a or mission b"-types with different effects on your ninja?
stuff like that :D
:> I got you, writing down all your questions and we'll have answers for you by the next devlog(which can be this weekend or the usual tue/wed)

As for the fast travel, i personally dont know much about it, but i do like the idea of destroying/blocking a fast travel point for a certain amount of time with a jutsu.
i love that fast travel feature it gives it that naruto feeling
btw yokai as in the yokais from yokai watch or does yokai actually mean something
Fast travel looks really nice. Been wondering for a while, are you guys still going to go with the Naruto clans as the classes or having original ones?
Okay let's see where to begin....

@FKI I understand and completely respect your opinion, however. Because are maps are literally set up into 'zones' a player cannot simply 'walk' to certain parts of the map. So in some ways fast travel is necessary for us to bridge these zones together. The current iteration took about two days to implement so it wasn't a huge loss in time and the system itself introduces a lot of neat mechanics we can bring into the game. A concept I like very much is player orchestrated blockades.

Having a group of players blockade a trade route for specific purposes whether to be to tax passerby's are to disrupt the economy on a larger scales its all very exciting to think about.

Yokai are a bit of a wildcard in the world. They're mostly malevolent(in rare cases benevolent) spiritual beings. There hasn't been a whole lot of talk about them because we're still fleshing them out But rest assured when we are ready to introduce them they'd have an entire devlog dedicated to bringing everyone up to speed. There are two main factions. Shinobi and Samurai and we're sticking to that.

Chad clarke:Fast travel looks really nice. Been wondering for a while, are you guys still going to go with the Naruto clans as the classes or having original ones?

Some clans will exist but they won't be taken from the anime. So original in a sense.

you guys having a sand clan? as in controlling sand not from sand village
Maybe further down. But in order to keep the scope of the game down- also to ensure the game is released within a reasonable amount of time we're sticking with one major shinobi village.

Clan designs are still being finalized.
What will happen if you fall?
In response to King_LiOnZ
King_LiOnZ wrote:
What will happen if you fall?

As of right now there's no way to fall off the trees, but with obstacles there might be. You'll just poof back on the last branch again as far as I know.
Is there a link to the website btw?
In response to Chad clarke
Chad clarke wrote:
Is there a link to the website btw?

Not yet, it'll be up an running within the coming week.
no offense or anything but will this game be finished cause most byond games that look good never get completed
In response to Alienx26
Alienx26 wrote:
no offense or anything but will this game be finished cause most byond games that look good never get completed

Most but not all.
In response to Ishuri
most but all? i cant tell if your saying that your gonna complete the game or finsh half of it
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