Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Hey there, cheers to another week of steady progress and a new dev log! Last week we got into fast travel and how it functioned and why exactly we decided it was a feature we needed done and out of the way. The word Fast travel itself might make some think of it as simply a means of getting from point A to point B. A mechanic that has no real impact on Game play. Fast travel in Land of fire is really designed to be the game's metaphoric highway system. In the end this gives us a means of bridging together Zones/Maps/areas without completely destroying the player's sense of scale.

This Gif is pretty much the final iteration we're going to have on this for awhile as we move onto our next objective.

This week, we've been toiling away at player progression. For a long time we've had a general idea of what we wanted for player progression. Most of it have revolved around giving the player the most freedom possible with character development. For sometime we settled on having no set classes- This in itself turned out to be quite a challenge to design around since there was just so many possible variables and we had literally no idea where to start. This was mostly due to inexperience in developing these kinds of systems. For me it was a nightmare and I constantly put it on the back burner(procrastinated) actually trying to get it done.

So months had passed without me actually getting this thing done. This behemoth of a system was kicking my ass an there was no way I could win. So I proposed we scrapped the idea of 100% open character development in favor of something more traditional in RPG's. This is when the idea of classes actually sounded really nice.

The idea of implementing classes into the game was a pretty big one- but also one that was fairly well received by the team. Classes would allow us to actually have a solid guideline on how a certain type of player would be expected to play the game. This change was so much better, so much easier to implement.

So while classes were designed and fleshed out I wanted to keep a little bit of diversity in the mix. (just a little) Not too long ago I'd started playing path of exile, and I had quickly fallen in love with their massive passive tree.. I just found it so satisfying to have actually been giving so much freedom to play the game the way I wanted to; Granted my first few attempts ended up being really unforgiving.

I just couldn't stop thinking how much I wanted this for land of fire. More time passed and we ended up with our Passive grid.

I won't reveal what classes we have planned at the moment but they're designed to replace Canon clans.(Yes that means no clans from the anime. But I will say that clans are likely going to be a social feature in the same fashion as you'd have guilds; more on that later.

We're about to put the finishing touches on the prologue/tutorial with the emergence of a stupidly powerful enemy. It's mostly a cinematic but it's already looking amazing!.

In other news we've gotten some work done on our official website.

It's still a work in progress but It'll be nice to finally have a centralized location for all information about the game.

That pretty much wraps up this week's dev log. If you haven't gotten around to it, be sure to drop by our Social media sites. We tend to have more updates on those throughout the week.

wow awesome skill tree bro im gonna love getting skills and that sketch of the awesome large boss battle is looking epic keep up the good work ok
All love for you guys; the team is puttin' in that werk werk. This is gonna be a killer for BYOND and hopefully if it goes "Byond" that. hueuhue

Really, it's a kick to see such a dedicated team of peeps as yourself shaping a game like Land of Fire. I can't wait for the final product.

Keep it up.
Looking good guys. Can't wait to play this game with the upcoming gamepad support >:)
The passive tree looks interesting. I wonder if you actually have enough ideas to fill up all those branches. Having lots of passives always brings the risk of having really good passives and not so useful ones (even professional games with huge teams struggle here; for example: league of legends needed 4 years to give their champions a fair balancement and there is still some popular champions and not so used champs)

But Im still eager to see how it turns out - ill make sure to give my input once it comes to fine tuning.

I love cinematics - I bet this is going to look awesome!

For the fast travel part - is the character going to regenerate hp/chakra while doing it? how does it interact with cooldowns?
I'm loving the fast travel. I think something that'd be really fun to implement would be allowing party members to fast travel together, though I know it wouldn't be priority.
Thanks for all the kind words!

@Shellfisch: That's one of our priorities. We want to keep all nodes Viable to the end. Apart of this system involves making it really hard for the player, what they to decide what they should get next. Passives are currently classed based on colors

Red nodes: Deal with health and everything that relates to physique

Blue nodes: Deal with Chakra and everything involving it's control, shape and nature transformation.

Green nodes: Affect everything that is involved in the character's vitality(defense)

Yellow nodes: Affect everything related to a character's mobility/evasion/speed/Dexterity

Grey nodes: Are Things that don't fit into any of these categories.

With these categories we'll be able to build quite a number of useful passives. The way they're being set up is that you will have an easier time deciding a path.

@Bl4ck Adam: I do intend to have squad members share the instance. There were also talks of having the fast travel not being instanced at all and you can see/interact with anyone who happens to be using them- Which brings some neat gameplay mechanics to light.

I completely love the passive tree, I was always a fan of trees that look like these mainly due to how nice it is appearance-wise. The cinematic looks good as well, I just hope my comp and internet can hold this game without going toaster on me D:!
Love it, looking absolutely amazing
I'm with Umxie on the passive tree; it looks awesome and makes me super nostalgic for FFX. I've seen a couple of games start to use these kinds of skill trees and I think they're so much more interesting than the over-used, simple top-to-bottom skill trees.

Also, that fast travel system is a really fantastic recreation of the way characters in the anime traveled, however how often is it going to be popping up? The reason I ask is because from that gif, it seems pretty long. Almost a whole minute long if not longer, which I think will become very tedious if it happens every time we want to go to a new area. So if it's going to be coming up a lot, maybe it should be shorter.

But again, I think it looks great and I mean no disrespect in my question.
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It'll definitely be cut short, and for the most part, it'll just be an optional way to get somewhere faster.
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Oh okay, sounds good!
Sounds great, seems like you have put in many thoughts and lots of hours into the passive tree.

- Maybe add another tier for skillers. For those guys that like to cut trees, craft things and trade. Would open a different approach to the game - there are warriors and merchants/workers
Those will likely fall under Grey nodes.
This is what the current passives looks like and im only about half way done. This is extremely tiring lol.. the hard part is trying to figure out How to illustrate them and make them feel different in some form

Lmfao wtf is that "savagery" passive? I want it >:). Also, do you guys have the passives planned out yet? it'd be weird if you're drawing them out and naming them without knowing what they'll do.
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GreatPirateEra wrote:
Lmfao wtf is that "savagery" passive? I want it >:). Also, do you guys have the passives planned out yet? it'd be weird if you're drawing them out and naming them without knowing what they'll do.

Piles of documents that I haven't even finished reading yet.

I think this about sums it up lol...
I can definitely see where youre coming from. When I was helping out in a similiar way I ended up quite frustrated after my 20th passive - you run out of unique ideas way too fast.

Here are some ideas from my side - hope they prove helpful:

- radius of sight ( see further/ see more in the map)

- intel (randomly recieve helpful information while fighting an opponent - like current health left, some major cooldowns that are coming up etc.)

- robbery (steal a small amount of money from your opponent for every succesful hit - only applies in PvP)

- steady mountain ( your body hardens every 20 seconds in battle, blocking the next push-back-attack)

- flowing chakra fist ( gain an extra powerful punch every 12 seconds)

- saving grace (restore health upon falling below 5%. only if the health is between 0.1%-5% ; high cooldown)

- last revenge (release explosive tags upon dying/ small explosion around the ninja - dealing small aoe)

- cats reflexes (when not recieving any damage in the past 10 seconds, gain a 10% chance to evade the next incoming hit)

-bloody instincs (when fighting close combat below 20% health, restore hp with every punch)

-regenerator (restore health at a faster rate)

- protect item/death (lose less after dying/ lower penalty)

-air slash (release a small wind wave after every 3rd sword hit, pushing back enemys by 1 tile)

-tank breaker (5% chance to hit through your opponents armor and tanking jutsus)

-jutsu master (every consecutive jutsu hit increases your next jutsus power by 1%)

-last chakra resort (if your chakra falls below a certain amount, have a 10% chance to restore a bit; high cooldown)

-last man standing (if fighting against a higher amount of enemies -based on village- gain a small boost)

-witty fox (pay 1% less for goods in stores)

-together we are strong -gen- (every member in your team recieves a 2% gen boost as long as they are close to you)

-afterimage (randomly generate 1/2/3 afterimages every 10-20seconds , confuse your enemy)

-special attack fist (b-key - powerful hit that dazzles opponent for 2seconds; every 20seconds, high reqs)

-special attack sword (h-key - powerful and wide radius hit; every 20seconds, requires many passive points)

- confused (12.5% chance to confuse your enemies if you cast a genjutsu on them. confused status mixes up their movement keys for 2seconds)

- genjutsu resistance 1-3 (genjutsus have a 5-15% reduced effect on you)

- penetrating will 1-3 (your genjutsus have a 5-15% increased effect) genjutsu resistance and penetrating will negate each other

- synergy (gain 5% more damage for your next hit after succesfully casting a genjutsu)

- master of illusions (5% chance to turn invistible for your opponent after hitting a genjutu. invistibility lasts 2 seconds)

-together we are strong -nin-
-together we are strong -tai-
-together we are strong -hp/chakra-
-enrage (10% more damage for a short duration when a member of your team dies)
-last duty (20% of cooldowns when a team member dies)
-healing touch (upon dying restore 10% of your other team members health)
-faster movement (when grouped with other ninjas from your village/clan/team recieve a 2% movement/fast travel bonus)

- wood cutting mastery (5%, 10%, 15% faster woodcutting).
- lucky lumberjack (2% chance to find random ninja tools while cutting wood)
- crafting expert (2-5% less material needed or 2-5% higher chance to succeed in crafting)

Just giving some plain thoughts.

Ps. "Salt in wound" sounds pretty dank.
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Hah, alot of these are helping me out quite abit. Thanks.
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