Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Greetings! Last week I shared revealed to you guys the first class in play in our developer's venture, Wards. This week we were able to clear out their neutral techniques! Mind you a lot of polish is still in the works, but for now this is the general idea. Let's dive right into what Wards will be capable of. Do be warned, this is GIF heavy!

Wards -

Basic Attack - Lvl 1

Wards are equipped with a short ranged projectile as their basic attack. This technique consumes Chakra. As an added measure, when Wards attack an enemy with their basic attack 3 times, the fourth on hit, will deal damage to the enemy as AoE. Charged basic attack applies 2 stacks.

Basic Attack - Lvl 2

After charging for 1 second, your basic attack deals more damage, consuming more chakra, and knocks the enemy back a short distance as well as applying 2 stacks of the original basic attack stack.

Arcane Pulse

Shoots an enhanced projectile forward. When max distance is reached, the projectile explodes leaving an area of "unstable ground". This area will then explode after a short delay, knocking up enemies it.
Wards can follow up with other techniques keeping their enemies juggled in the air.

Blast Wave

Fires a short range wave of energy. Minimal damage, but knockback.


Three projectiles are fired in a volley. The projectiles will bounce off of the first enemy they interact with.

Hyper Kinetic Chakra Cannon

Fires a large blast of chakra energy forward in a beam. Consumes chakra every second, dealing damage per second to enemies inside the beam as well as knockback.

Here's some spammy gameplay of Wards in action!

And me trying to kite my way through a large amount of mobs!

Now while I did say I might record PvP gameplay and share it this week, I've decided to put it off until all the techniques are finished and polished out. There's still a lot on our plates, but we have what need to finish set in stone. We're getting closer and closer to that release! Looking forward to sharing what we have next week! See you then!
I do really like the concept behind this class. With repulse and the arcane pulse this class has a pretty high mobility and seems to fullfil the role of a squishy, high dps threat.

When i saw arcane pulse for the first time I immediately thought of your combo system - would be great if you could add a missile that shoots 3 times in the air (+another knock back) after arcane pulse.

While the concept seems great and the art itself is beautiful I dont think this fits into the ninja theme.
The basic attacks remind me of dragon ball and seem to be "too flashy". Whereas Ninjas in Naruto always have a thin and almost transparent layer of chakra around their hands.
Another important aspect of Naruto is the realistic concept. Ninjas use the different elements/combinations of them.
Your purple colors and shiny blue colors seem to be out of this theme. This feels more like a wizzard in world of warcraft than a sturdy old fashioned ninja.
If I was you I would make the class and its techniques less flashy and change the coloring to a more elemental style. For example a cross-over of fire and air. or water, air and fire.
// it feels a bit uncomfortable to watch those gifs //

Just my 2 cents; hope you'll consider the "ninja theme" for your future designs :)
We haven't forgotten about the good old fashioned ninja. In fact I've been working on some designs just for that reason.
The state of the game right now is trying to find a unique identity for the world, since we aren't explicitly using Naruto as reference anymore. This means that we have to diversify the game a little bit more.

Wards are a class of mage-eqsue spellcasters. We built around this and wanted them to be distinct in their play style and characteristics. If you look back at last week's dev log you'd see a diagram that shows that wards do indeed obtain the ability to use elements in their skills. But by default they're character slinging mages.

Our next class, Rogues are more akin to traditional ninjas and I'm sure you'll find that they're closer to everything you just pointed out.

However we do appreciate your feedback and we'll see what we can do in regards to our choice of colors for wards.

We've updated Repulse a little bit more with a trial that helps judge it's trajectory.
Fair enough. Will each class get its own unique base?

Does repulse still deal damage after bouncing back?
I would suggest decreasing the missiles size after a succesfull blow in that case.
In response to Pixelcomet
That is SO much better.
The projectile does deal damage after ricocheting.
I like the magic tho ....feels like kingdom hearts XD
Thanks. Oh also we're not creating unique bases for the classes.
Ever since you first posted those effects in the SMWYG thread I've this massive throbbing erection.

Now I've read this and I think I'm going to pass osuitbydbfgjdbbc
Games looking so good. Btw, get a donation option made. Don't give anything for receiving donations, legit myself and most likely others would donate solely to help production and make sure the project stays alive.
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Pluiebattante wrote:
Games looking so good. Btw, get a donation option made. Don't give anything for receiving donations, legit myself and most likely others would donate solely to help production and make sure the project stays alive.

There is a donate button on the hub. While any and every donation helps, it's not something we press or advertise as we plan on finishing this to release the same way we started it.
is this dragonball z or naruto insprited? cause the beams or whatever the pictures are showing look a lot like dragonball z
It's a mix of a lot of things. As everyone knows we started as a fan game and now we're creating something more than that.
Looks sick as fuck dude,keep up the good work. Just amazing.
In response to Pixelcomet
oh is that right? weird cause thats not what it says on your game description
Uhm yes. The game is originally inspired by various Anime. That's much is obvious.
In response to Alienx26
It says it right there lol. 'Anime inspired shinobi role playing game'
In response to Pixelcomet
yes but anime insprited "SHINOBI" everyone knows that its referring to naruto
and last weeks(i believe) update included jumping from tree to tree lol naruto
In response to Alienx26
You're up to something..
In response to Alienx26
It's a 'Shinobi' game inspired by anime. Naruto obviously being one of them but by no way did he state that it was the only anime... That's just one of them
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